QueerFemSEE International Conference

Deadline: 30 July 2017
Open to: students, scholars, artists, and activists
Venue: 17-19 November, Bucharest, Romania


QueerFemSEE is an interdisciplinary conference that seeks to explore various accounts of South-Eastern and Eastern European researchers (and their Western peers with similar interests) concerning topics connected to media studies, cultural studies, public space, and their intersection with gender and queer studies.

One of the key concepts for discussion is intersectionality. Although in the last decade’s scholars in cultural and media studies have begun to address issues such as gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexualities in their work, there is still a gap concerning the amount of research in this direction between Western academic spaces and the Eastern ones. Considering this, the question which can be raised is if Western feminist and queer theories can be applied (and if yes, to what extent) to other local contexts? How are the frameworks and operating concepts constructed? How can cultural and media analysis benefit from these paradigms? What are the examples of ‘national’ or ‘local’ queer cultures and media representations and what are their particularities in comparison to other cultures (from other geopolitical contexts)? These are only a few questions that might help to shape the scope and importance of incorporating feminist and queer studies in media and cultural analysis.


Students, scholars, artists, and activists who are interested in the way different queer and feminist discourses function within their own culture and recent/contemporary history and/or beyond.


  • Funding for travel and accommodation expenses for a limited number of participants coming from South-Eastern and Eastern Europe;
  • Please include in your e-mail whether you will need financial aid and;
  • If your institution can cover for travel and accommodation, QueerFemSEE can provide formal invitation letters to the conference and for obtaining visas (if needed).

How to apply?

Please submit one document (.doc or .pdf format) containing the proposed abstract (max. 500 words, theoretical frame included) or and your short bio at queerfemsee@gmail.com.

For more information please read the official call.

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