Apply for the ACT4FREEMOVEMENT Training Series

Deadline: 02 July 2017
Open to: residents of the 28 EU-Member States
Fee: EUR 150, includes travel costs, food and accommodation costs and training materials


European Alternatives is collaborating with Krytyka Polityczna and European Citizens Action Service (ECAS) to train citizens and activists to defend freedom of movement and fight the increasing insecurity in the rights of citizens in the EU.

You will be provided with training from experts in EU citizen rights, in campaigning and in project management and tasked with conceptualizing, developing, and rolling out a campaign against restrictions to freedom of movement for European citizens.

The trainings will take place in Warsaw in September 2017, Madrid in October 2017 and London in January 2018 and will focus on:

  • Understanding the drivers for hostile or ignorant attitudes to mobile European citizens and addressing practices of discrimination;
  • Learning how to influence decision-making processes and complaints mechanisms at the EU level;
  • Developing and running campaigns and projects ideas advocating for the protection of freedom of movement and of EU citizens rights;
  • Identifying and networking with effective partner organizations as well as with grassroots activists from across Europe for continuous collaboration.

Following the trainings, activists will be provided with the opportunity to apply for small grants to carry out their campaign in their countries/cities/localities.

For this, we’ll not only provide you with the money, but we’ll be there to support you throughout the process – helping with campaigning planning and design, communicating your project and financial planning amongst others.

These campaigns will last up to six months and will be presented at the Campus of European Alternatives in the summer of 2018 in Florence.


  • Resident in one of the 28 EU-Member States;
  • Proficient in English;
  • Some knowledge of the issues of freedom of movement, EU mobile citizens rights and migrants right and some experience with advocacy, campaigning or policy influencing would be useful;
  • Deeply committed to organizing a campaign or action during the training.

Fees and benefits

The registration fee to attend the training series is of EUR 150 and includes travel costs, food and accommodation costs and training materials.

If you cannot or partially can pay the registration fee, please let us know at the end of the form, we will get in touch.

This is a series of 4 trainings + peer support, and the fee of EUR 150 is for the entire series, covering everything. The fee can potentially be waived for participants from Central and Eastern Europe.

How to apply?

In order to apply please fill the application form.

If you have any questions regarding the Act4FreeMovement training series and application process, please do not hesitate to contact, or visit the official website.

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