UNU-INWEH Internship Programme

Deadline: 30 June 2017
Open to: undergraduate student, a postgraduate student, or post-doc
Remuneration: interns will claim expenses related to relocation for the duration of the internship


Floods are responsible for thousands of lives and billions of dollar losses globally every year, and these losses increase with increasing climatic variability. Intensive efforts and investments go into managing flood risks, alleviating their consequences and predicting them. As part of these, flood early warning systems are being developed, or are in operation in many countries. However, the information on the operational effectiveness of these systems, their cost and value for money, availability in various countries – varies.


Analytical mind, the ability to undertake comprehensive literature reviews, analyze large volumes of information from on-line sources, and distil the key messages from these:

  • A 4-th year undergraduate student, a postgraduate student, or post-doc;
  • Specializing or interested in flood hydrology and management;
  • Excellent computer skills;
  • Excellent English writing skills;
  • Understanding of developing countries’ context and water problems is an advantage.


This is a joint internship with FloodNet. Sponsorship by the NSERC Strategic Network Enhancement Initiative applies for any graduate students or post-docs currently conducting research within the NSERC Canadian FloodNet.

  • The intern will be allowed to claim expenses related to relocation for the duration of the internship up to a maximum amount of CAD USD 4000 without special permission.

How to Apply?

A Completed Application Form: Download (MS Wordor (PDF);

A Cover Letter that Includes:

  • A brief statement of purpose;
  • Why you think an internship would be a valuable opportunity;
  • Any specific skills/experience that relates to one of our programs/projects;
  • The letter should be written in English (1-page max.);
  • The letter should be addressed to the UNU-INWEH Internship Coordinator;
  • A Copy of Your University Transcript;
  • Undergraduate or Graduate transcript. Unofficially is acceptable;

Two Letters of Recommendation:

  • Signed scanned copies sent by your two referees directly to intern.at.inweh@unu.edu;
    (Subject Line: “REFERENCE LETTER = INTERNSHIP = Candidate’s Last Name and First Name”)
    Signed letters can also be sent by fax +1 905 667 5510;
    (Cover Page Subject Line: “INTERNSHIP APPLICATION, Candidate’s Last Name and First Name”)
  • For Non-Native English Speakers, a Copy of Your English Language Certification
For more information please visit the official website.

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