Call for Papers: Art Communication and Pop Culture

Deadline: 22 January 2017
Open to: students, researchers, academics, artists
Venue: online journal A & P (Art Communication & Pop Culture)


The journal A & P (Art Communication & Pop Culture) is a peer-reviewed scholarly periodical of the Institute of Literary and Artistic Communication (Faculty of Arts, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra) and it is being published biannually since May 2015.

The ambition of the A & P journal  is to offer a space for scientific reflection of the current issues of artistic communication in all types of art and pop culture. The concept of the journal is an expression of the need to create an expert theoretical platform for exploration of the world, the proto-methodological basis of which is the knowledge that the purpose is not a quality existing outside of the subject, but an inherent attribute of the subject itself. Thus, the aim is not to design, invent, originate, but to think, find, create. In other words, we offer a space for texts created as a result of “being allowed to” and not “being forced to”. A & P is a journal for interpreting the world defined by the terms art and pop culture. These terms do not represent something fundamentally different, but exist rather as terms representing and reflecting different perspectives.


The topic of the next issue can treat a spectrum of themes:

  • How is the phenomenon of spirituality reflected in contemporary art, aesthetics and pop culture?
  • How is the form of spiritual transformed? Is spirituality anchored primarily in the religious context in the contemporary culture or could an experience from an artwork, nature, alternative space or deep interpersonal meeting become its implicit source?
  • Is spirituality a condition for an artwork? How does the category of spiritual relate to other categories of high/low, deep/superficial, valuable/valueless or visible/invisible?
  • How art and pop culture relativize the boundaries between spiritual and carnal?
  • How artworks articulate the relation between spirituality, eroticism and sexuality? Are there processes of desacralization of sacred and sacralization of profane in the work?
  • Does nature remain a source of spiritual experience?
  • How does authentic spirituality differ from its simulations and manipulations in the age of consumerism or digital-virtual culture?
  • How could a deep analysis of different types of spiritualities in artistic and popcultural phenomenon contribute to intercultural and interreligious dialogue?

Potential contributors could realize lively and actual probing into the examined issue, taking into regard interdisciplinary discourse (religionistics, philosophy, semiotics, anthropology etc.).

They could attempt to define in broad strokes to what extent the current state of spirituality in art, pop culture and culture tilts to its crisis or how does spirituality transform into new forms and types of spirituality, therefore unveiling to what extent does the initial provocative theses of “breathless spirituality” in the contemporary culture is true and whether it is just “catching second breath”.

How to apply?

The magazine receives proposals for non-thematic part on ongoing basis.

Please consult the editors on about your suggested paper (no longer than 10 pages) on any topic from the domain of art, aesthetics and pop culture. Short forms such as reviews and op-eds are also always welcomed.

Submit your applications at:

More information on the official website.

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