Exercises & Instructions & Readings

Chapter 1: Personal Development

In the first chapter, you will get the overview of your personality and how it could influence your career choice and you will have a chance to test yourself and find out which personality type you belong to and how you can connect it to your potential career.

Chapter 2: Professional Development

In this chapter, you will be able to walk the thin line between self-discovery and self-creation, while articulating your experience and skills into a successful career plan.

Chapter 3: Community Development

In this chapter, you will discover how you can make an impact: as an individual, as part of non- formal group, and as a member of an organization. At the end of the chapter, you will be able to identify a project idea, draft a basic proposal and find a suitable programme where you can apply for a project grant for your idea.

Chapter 4: Sustainable Development

In the last chapter, we will speak about Sustainable Development Goals and discover ways how you can expand your circle of influence.


Personal Development: What do you love doing?

Exercises & Instructions for Chapter 1

An EU Strategy for Youth

UNDP YOUTH Strategy 2014-2017.pdf

Youth Global Programme for Sustainable Development & Peace

Recommended Literature

Professional Development: What do you do well?

Exercises & Instructions for Chapter 2

Linkedin: 6 Steps to Creating a Professional Profile

My Professional Self & New Year Canvas

Resume Form

Creative CV Design

Your CV Matters!

Bridging Skills Gaps in South East Europe

The Future of Jobs

Industrial Internet of Things

References and Attachments

Recommended Literature

Community Development: What is the community around you?

Exercises & instructions for Chapter 3

Develop a Small Project Idea

Community Planning Toolkit and Community Engagement

ERASMUS+ Programme

Erasmus+ Programme EVS Info kit

EVS Training & Evaluation Circle Guidlines

Framing Goals and Objectives in a Project Proposal

Identify ORGs Active in Your Community

My International Volunteering Project

Recommended literature

Sustainable Development: What the world needs?

Exercises & Instructions for Chapter 4

The circle of Influence

Exercise: Choose one of the MSDGoals 

Exercise: Expand your Circle of Influence

Lazy People LEVEL 1  LEVEL 2  LEVEL 3

Sustainable Development Goals

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Personal Development Plan

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