“Learn & Teach” Internship Program in Indonesia

Deadline: 30 November 2016
Open to: to graduates M.A / M.S. level with good English from all around the world
Venue: February-July 2017, Malang, East Java, Indonesia


“Learn & Teach” is an internship program created by the University of Muhammadiyah Malang for foreign graduates holding Master’s degrees. As an Intern, you will have a unique opportunity to learn about Indonesian language and culture while developing your teaching skills as a co-teacher in the Department linked to your interests and field of studies. The program is like a full-time job in its professional rigor, but it is like an internship in that the schedule is flexible, there are plenty of learning opportunities, and the atmosphere is collegiate and familial. You’ll learn culture firsthand, experience language immersion, and hone your skills in problem solving – all while gaining invaluable international experience!

As a co-teacher, you will teach one of the subjects in English connected to your field of studies. In your application form, we will ask you what your major research or academic interests are in your field and what the topics you are most passionate about are.
Since the Indonesian system of higher education might be a little bit different than in your country, the content of topics taught may be slightly different from what you learned during your graduate courses.


  • Graduates M.A / M.S. level with good English from all around the world;
  • Fresh graduates and young professionals;
  • Experienced teacher eager to become a student once more.


  • The basics of Indonesian language (enough to travel, communicate in everyday life, and explore the culture of Indonesia);
  • The subtleties of Indonesian culture – by participating in local and regional events, dance, art classes, and everyday life and work at the University;
  • Learn how the Indonesian system of higher education works;
  • How to teach in an international environment – by teaching in a team in your Faculty.


  • All participants will receive  a scholarship to cover costs of living and will be provided with free, shared accommodation in University Campus during their whole stay (there is a possibility of arranging your own accommodation, in this case, costs are covered directly by participants);
  • UMM will help participants in obtaining a Visa (60 days visa) by providing invitation letter, necessary documents, and detailed guidance. This visa will be later extended by UMM or turned into Temporary Stay Permission (depending on length of stay);
  • Participants cover their travel and insurance costs on their own as well as the cost of the first visa (issued before entering the country);
  • There are no tuition fees for this program. Instead, they will voluntarily teach as interns not more than 6 classes per week in the Faculty matching their academic degree;
  • Participants will be invited to join University and International Relation Office events. Duration of the program is from one semester to a year.

How to apply?

All application materials, including the application form, CV in English, Copy of Passport, Copy of Master’s Degree/Diploma, and graduate transcript (list of courses taken at University + grades received), must be submitted to iro.umm@gmail.com by the internship application deadline, November 30, 2016. Apply to: iro.umm@gmail.com

For more information please check the FB group.

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