Virtual City Memoir: Call for Volunteering Contributors

Deadline: this is an ongoing project
Open to: everybody, we do not have any nationality, ethnicity or age restrictions. You do not have to be a professional writer to contribute our public memoir
Venue: online


This City Knows is a web project, a virtual collection, a public memoir of cities, urban spaces and environments. As a web project, This City Knows supports sharing and collecting personal memories, recollections, journal submissions, souvenirs, old postcards, from places where you live in, have traveled to, or simply have been deeply impressed. It can be your home city, the city you have done a year of EVS or an Erasmus exchange, a city you have been for just a couple of hours – you decide, it is your call!

The purpose is to nurture virtual memoirs that can take us on a real virtual voyage throughout different urban realms other than the ones we are already familiar with, to help us remember how was life back in the day, and what can we record from observing the urban human experience. So far pinned on the map there is Prague, Skopje, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Piran, Trieste, Plovdiv, Lausanne, Saint Tropez, San Francisco, Paris, Dublin, London… can’t find your own city? Now it’s time you write about it!


Everyone can post on This City Knows. Whether you are a young person who want to share on their traveling experiences or memories of a city you really miss, or an experienced travel enthusiast who have seen a huge transformation in specific city where you live or often visit, you are most welcome to join.


  • Boost your creativity through polishing your writing, photography skills;
  • Be part of a vibrant team of young travelers & expand your network in Europe;
  • If you fall in love with This City Knows we can acknowledge you as a Featured Writer, Featured Photographer or invite you become a partner of the platform;
  • Take on a virtual mentorship with our team and learn writing, SEO, editing & more to curating contents. If you are interested to be on board for a bit longer period of time, our team is really open to work with you and elevate you as a writer on the next level;
  • Publicly endorse your skills on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter..) and/ or prepare a recommendation letter for you;
  • If you are a blogger you can become partner and also exchange contents with us & vice versa,
  • Possibility for collaboration upon the “first contact”.

How to Submit an Article?

You can submit your personal story / memory / journal submission through using the web tool “My city”. Short information on each category at This City Knows is available for review before you go on to submit. If you wish to make multiple submissions, make sure you use the same e-mail with the same Author Name (your real name or avatar) you choose to post with on the This City Knows platform. The submission you make on the web platform will not go immediately public. The editor-in-chief is to review your submission, proof-read and publish it for you.

Before you go, read the “Rules of the game” or check the FAQ section. For any question which you may have,  you can also write at: The team will answer in 24 – 48 hours time frame.

More information on the official website.

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