It has been election season around the world recently, but your vote isn’t limited to politics! The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, a global program that seeks to encourage youth entrepreneurship for a better world, wants to hear your opinion!

Mladiinfo Team Getting Entrepreneurial

Mladiinfo has been nominated by the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition Award committee for the chance to become finalists!

Have Mladiinfo helped you to find a study or work opportunity abroad? Did you apply for some conference or scholarship through our portal? Let’s spread the word about free education together and help Mladiinfo become of the finalists in the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition Award!

Mladiinfo Next Steps

In the “Project” category, Mladiinfo itself has been nominated. We have worked over the past years to bring free educational opportunities to young people around the globe and lately we are bringing youngsters closer to the world of social entrepreneurship as well. We do make an impact through our web-page and the social media channels, as well as through our projects that we organize as an Association for Education. Our most recent project mYouth has opened a space for young digital entrepreneurs to create mobile applications with social impact.

“We want to show people that they can create their own opportunities in life and become entrepreneurs, and we want to lead by example,” says Antoaneta Ivanova, co-founder and president of Mladiinfo.

In addition, through the Social Impact Award in Macedonia we encourage young people to develop business ideas that will make their society better. We not only want to encourage youth to become social entrepreneurs, however. We are also constantly looking for ways to make our own activities more economically sustainable, while continuing to bring positive impact to the lives of youngsters.


If you think that Mladiinfo should be among the finalists for the Youth Entrepreneurship Award, then give your vote for Mladiinfo HERE. It takes only one click but which means a lot for us!

Don’t forget to check and support also other cool projects and ideas making the life of youngsters around the globe better. Among them “Cohesion Cooking” Idea coming also from Mladiinfo “kitchen”! 🙂

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