Peer to Peer Grants for Voluntary Organizations

Deadline: 15 September 2016
Open to: voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs)
Grants: 120,000 USD


Thanks to a generous support from the Government of Finland, EvalPartners invites Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs) to apply for Peer to Peer grants for implementation of partnership projects jointly developed by at least two VOPEs.  The idea is to encourage two or more VOPEs to form mutually beneficial partnerships with each other to promoted shared advice and learning.

EvalPartners is an international initiative that aims to enhance the capacities of VOPEs to engage in a strategic and meaningful manner in national evaluation processes to be able to influence country-led evaluation systems. The expected outcomes of the initiative are three-fold:

  • VOPEs are stronger. Their institutional and organizational capacities are enhanced;
  • VOPEs are more influential. They are better able to play strategic roles in strengthening the enabling environment for evaluation within their countries, and so help to improve national evaluation systems and promote the use of evaluation evidence in developing policies geared towards effective, equitable and gender-equality responsive development results;
  • VOPEs have sustainable strategies to enhance the evaluation skills, knowledge and capacities of their members, and of evaluators more widely, to manage and conduct credible and useful evaluations.


The program will prioritize projects that respond to at least two out of the three following criteria:

  • Directly contribute to achievement of the EvalAgenda2020: stronger evaluators, stronger VOPEs and a better enabling environment for evaluation;
  • Link to and operate in synergy with the activities of at least one EvalPartners networks/initiatives: EvalGender+, EVALSDGs EvalIndigenous; EvalYouth; Global Parliamentarisns for Development Evaluation;
  • Integrate initiatives for professionalization of evaluation and/or development of National Evaluation Systems.


The amount of support to a project is linked to the number of participating VOPEs:

  • A partnership that involves two VOPEs can apply for up to USD 10,000;
  • A partnership that involves three or more VOPEs can apply for USD 15,000. Should one of those VOPEs come from an ODA-eligible country that has not received EvalPartners grant support in the last two P2P rounds, the proposal gets an additional bonus of 5 points (on a scale of 100) to its final score.

Under this call for proposals EvalPartners expect to allocate the total of USD 120,000.

How to apply?

In order to apply please fill out the application form by 15 September 2016.

For more information please read the official call.

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