EURASMUS – Easy YOU(th) Mobility

Mladiinfo: How does your platform work? Do students have to pay when they want to access into your system and apply for some of the opportunities you are offering?

Eurasmus: We are completely free for students and currently have more than 43,000 student members using our system. Whether they are doing an internship or a university exchange, will be able to help them find student rooms and internships all over Europe.

Mladiinfo: What do you consider to be the most important about your platform? What is the value that youth can achieve with your help?

Eurasmus: Our mission is and always has been to support students going abroad. Youth mobility shouldn’t have to be difficult or stressful. We have more than 3,000 companies registered all over Europe, youth have the opportunity to find the perfect internship on our platform. To make it easy and stress-free, we offer application status updates. This means that we will keep you updated every step of the way. We will let you know when a company has processed your application, and whether they have accepted or rejected it. Like this, you never have to stress over whether or not you got the job. The application process is easy as well you can apply for internships using either LinkedIn or directly through the site. Eurasmus aims to make youth mobility easier by helping students find accommodation and internships abroad.


Mladiinfo: You also share possibilities of finding an accommodation for students via your website. How do you ensure the safety of booking?

Eurasmus: We have over 10,000 rooms on our website, and the number is growing everyday. Finding your future home has never been easier. To make the process as safe and secure as possible, we verify and vet all the landlords who post listings on our page, to ensure the quality of the accommodation on our website. In addition, we offer a 24 hour after arrival payment system. Students pay for their room immediately, but the landlord will not receive the payment until 24 hours after the arrival of the student. This prevents deposit scams, and students can rest assured that they will have a room when they arrive.

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Mladiinfo: What if there are some problems with accommodation after arriving of students to the place? Can you still assist them somehow?

Eurasmus: Yes, as well we offer a comprehensive refund policy if there are any major problems, or the room is not the same as stated. In this case, the student has 24 hours to report the problem after their arrival. We will then review each case individually, and refund the student if appropriate. We will also help them find another room. To prevent these kinds of problems, we have a comment and review system. After a student’s stay is over, they can review the landlord as well as the accommodation, giving students more security in their choices.

Interview by: Mladiinfo team
Photo credits: Eurasmus
Edited by: Ivana Petrisková

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