The International Bicycle Tour “Pilgrims Way”

Deadline: 24 June 2016
Open to: young people between 18-30 willing to help, interested in history and cultural heritage
Venue: 4-8 July Volyn Region in Western Ukraine

About the project

Volunteer pilgrims from European countries are welcome to join the international bicycle tour “Pilgrims Way” to Old Catholic monuments of Volyn Region in Western Ukraine.

Establish annual volunteer tours to ancient historical monuments which miraculously survived to our time. Initiate popularization of careful and respectful treatment of cultural heritage which without our oversight and efforts may disappear forever beneath our eyes.

Draw public attention to overcome indifference and negligence that destroy true, priceless history. Volunteer biking tour around places of Catholic history: churches, palaces, cemeteries that are almost forgotten. This is a unique opportunity to see, touch, recollect and try to understand the history and enrich your awareness of Catholic culture. Promote, extend, draw public attention (as well as make high-quality photos and videos of the work done) for development further activity in the conservation of historic monuments, beauty and uniqueness of world history.


Young people between 18-30 willing to help, interested in history and cultural heritage.


  • During the journey every evening will be held a contest for the best photo in categories: nature, architecture and people;
  • Visiting 6 churches (including 3 active ones);
  • Joint friendly travels, work and leisure without borders.


  • The cost of traveling for foreigners is EUR 50/includes 3 meals, transportation, health insurance and charging of electronic devices each evening;
  • Trip distance is 250 km, while daily cycling does not exceed 50 km;
  • The Support Bus will follow the group for transporting tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, gasoline generator, campfire farm tools and belongings of participants between the parking camps overnight;
  • The cost does not include: bike rental, bicycle protective equipment, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and dinnerware.

How to apply?

If you are interested in participation fill out the application form. In case of any further information contact:, The total number of group members (including support staff) up to 12 people.

For more information, please visit the official website.

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