Become an Air Traffic Controller

Deadline: 1 October 2016
Open to: younger than 25 years old who successfully completed their secondary education
Remuneration: a basic salary with additions, depending on your circumstances


If you’re passionate about aviation and have great spatial skills, EUROCONTROL can offer you an exciting opportunity to train as an air traffic controller, with the prospect of a rewarding career in a dynamic organisation to follow. EUROCONTROL is looking for people to join the multinational team of air traffic controllers (called ATCOs) at  Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre in the Netherlands.

As an air traffic controller, your job will be to ensure that aircraft are safely separated from each other in the sky.

ATCO training course lasts about two and a half years. Training is done at an aviation university in Toulouse and at Maastricht centre. The training courses start in March and October each year; they include in-depth theoretical classes, training on simulators as well as intensive on-the-job training at the centre. A selection procedure is currently underway to find suitable candidates for the student air traffic controller training which is scheduled to start in March 2017.


  • Younger than 25 on 1 October in the year the training course starts;
  • Have successfully completed your secondary education at an advanced level (subjects must include mathematics and English);
  • Have a good command of English – the international language of aviation;
  • A national of a EUROCONTROL Member State;
  • Medically fit;
  • Free from any military service obligation at the start of your training.


You will have a basic salary with additions, depending on your circumstances. If you are married or have a child, you will receive a household allowance. You are given a child’s allowance for each child and, if your children are at school or university, an education allowance. Expatriates are given an allowance of an extra 16% of their basic salary: this allowance is not paid to trainees.

Deductions for your pension scheme (10% – but this is not applied during your training) as well as for your membership of EUROCONTROL’s medical insurance (1.6%) are made from your salary.

Once you have qualified and are licensed as an air traffic controller, you will begin working at the Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre as an “advanced trainee air traffic controller” with a single sector validation. After further validation, you will be promoted to “air traffic controller”.

  • Monthly net salary for single nationals:
    • Advanced trainee air traffic controller – around EUR 3,200;
    • Air traffic controller – around EUR 3,750;
  • Monthly net salary for single expatriates:
    • Advanced trainee air traffic controller – around EUR 3,800;
    • Air traffic controller – around EUR 4,500.

For controllers working 24/7 shifts, there is a flat rate shift allowance of around EUR 1,500.

How to apply?

In order to apply, interested applicants should fill online application form and before that please read the Notice of Competition for Student Air Traffic Controllers, dated January 2016.

for more information, please visit the official webpage.

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