Become Mladiinfo Author!

Deadline: throughout the year
Open to: young writers who would like to contribute to topics concerning youth
Benefits: your article(s) will be promoted to a global audience of youth, academics, organizations; be recognized with the title Mladiinfo author; be invited to a Mladiinfo event etc.


Do you have your story to be shared? Are you studying/working or volunteering abroad? Are you anyhow active in your community or school? Or do you know people who have started their youth iniciative/start-up/social entrepreneurship? Eager to share your experiences/opinions or perhaps to send us some positive example to inspire young people? Here is the opportunity for you with us!

We want to hear the voice of YOU(TH) and we want to provide you a platform to share your thoughts with youngsters around the world. We want you as our CONTRIBUTOR to our web-site!

Eligibility criteria

Your article should be related to youth and fit into some of the following themes (not restricted to):

  • My Europe;
  • My story;
  • Mladiinfo topic;
  • Tips & Tricks;
  • Youth activism;
  • Events.

Any article you submit should be original contents, meaning not-published elsewhere (webpage, blog, web-platform). Optimal length of article should up to 800 words. Please also provide cover photos for your article.


By submitting article to Mladiinfo, and being selected as author, you will:

  • Have your article published, promoted to and read by a global audience of youth, academics, organizations, possibly your future employer;
  • Have your article distributed on the geographical scope of Europe and beyond at a world level;
  • Be boosted on Facebook to reach specific audience of more than 10,000 people who care about issues on minority;
  • You will boost your self-expression skills and communication skills by collaborating with Mladiinfo International crew;
  • Being recognized with the title Mladiinfo Author;
  • If you are consistent with writing articles for us, we can also invite you to some of Mladiinfo’s organized events, the topics of which tackle youth, youth participation and empowerment, minorities, journalism, objective reporting. Our events are being organized all through Central and East Europe including Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro etc.;
  • If you contribute with more articles we can also send you some Mladiinfo items.

How to submit your article?

Articles can be sent to Our team will proof-read your article and be back to you with feedback and status if you are to be published / need rewrite of article etc. The subject of your e-mail should be ‘Article for Mladiinfo’.

Have questions? Feel free to send your buzz to

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