Call for Papers of the Institute for Political and International Studies-Skopje

Deadline: 29 April 2016
Open tomembers of political, security, economy, environmental, media and journalist coming from Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Austria, UK, Germany, France, USA, Poland, and Romania
Venue: Skopje, Macedonia, 3-4 June


The Institute for Political and International Studies-Skopje is organizing International Scientific Conference in Skopje, Macedonia from 3-4 June 2016.

The conference aims to combine thoughts and studies on the different actors of international relation, international policy on energy, energy security, alternative energy resources, environmentalism, environmental challenges, environmental journalism etc.

Also other conference’s goal is to emphasize the importance and the role of energy security through the prism of national and international organization perception and interest of control, possess and deliverance. Another questions and issues who will be treated in the conference would be also the role of the media in the context of energy security and environmental challenges.

The main thesis of the conference would be:

  • Definition of the energy security;
  • Challenges on energy security;
  • International organization and energy security;
  • Country emergency energy security;
  • Rapid response to energy supply emergencies;
  • Country policy on energy security;
  • Renovable energy;
  • Environmental challenges;
  • Country policy on environment challenges;
  • Green Peace and ecological challenges;
  • Environmental journalism.

In this context you are welcomed to participate in this conference with a presentation of your papers and research, or in regard to the following topics:

  • Issues, proposals and solutions in regards to this period of history; including international cooperation;
  • Proposals regarding the continuation on energy security cooperation;
  • Continued positive strategies in respect to different national, regional and international regulation on energy policies;
  • Collaboration and partnership on threats and challenges on energy security and environmental issues;
  • Positive continuity approaches in the context finding the renovable energy and ecological protection;
  • Building of national, regional and international strategies on energy security, environmental challenges, and Medias in context of raisin and treating those issues.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Research should be based on original studies supported by theoretic and methodologically clear strategies in order to achieve the expected results;
  2. Representatives from: Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria Austria, UK, Germany, France, USA, Poland, and Romania are expected to participate and to contribute with their papers.

Languages of the conference will be: English, Albanian and Macedonian, and simultaneous translation will be provided.


Research papers will be published in English after the conference in a special volume of Conference Proceedings edited by international editorial board. It is expected that this conference volume will be published by October 2016.

For international participant’s accommodation, food and conference materials are free.

How to submit your paper?

  • The deadline for the submission of abstract in English (200-300 words; Times New Romans, 12 p) is 29 April 2016 and  the announcement of acceptance of the abstract will be latest by 30 April 2016.
  • About sending the research papers (10-12 pages; Times New Romans, 12) the deadline is 18 May 2016 and the participants will be noticed about acceptance of papers by 20 May 2016.

The paper work should be sent to the email:

For more information please, check the official call

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