Call for Entries for Environmental Film Festival in Albania

Deadline: 1 April 2016
Open to: everyone (no limits are placed on nationality of film-makers)
Award: specific awards in certain categories


They are looking for your environmental movies to promote environment awareness and make things change! EFFA school aims to present Environmental Education initiatives taken by schools in Albania and in the world. The EFFA organisation will support schools movies, offering to the students and schools the possibility to personally present their work during EFFA 16, and offering them media attention. The EFFA organisation will also stream the information through international networks of festivals to spread these movies worldwide even after EFFA 16.


Films that meet the following conditions will be considered by the jury for selection:

  1. The call for EFFA school movies is concerning schools based in Albania and movies realised in Albanian language in the world. The movies should be focused on environment (in its general meaning);
  2. The duration of the movies must be less than 15 min and movies must be in HD. Concerning the schools based in Albania, any language is accepted;
  3. The students involved in the realisation/production of movies must be part of Elementary, Middle or High Schools;
  4. Movies that have been part of any other festival before EFFA 16 will not be accepted as part of the EFFA school category, but they can be accepted in international categories of the festival;
  5. If more than 10 movies are received by the organisators, two categories of movies will be created : Cikli 9 vjeçar and Gjimnazet;
  6. Applicant must have all permissions needed to realise movies in schools and around;
  7. When using copyrighted works such as music and moving image in a film, entrants must complete required licensing procedures before submitting the film.


During the EFFA 16, an international jury will be established by the organisation of the festival. This jury will be responsible for awarding short and long movies presented during the film festival, with the following Awards:

  • Best short movie;
  • 2 nd best short movie;
  • Best long movie;
  • 2 nd Best long movie;
  • Best EFFA lab movie;
  • 2 nd best EFFA lab movie.

Please note if an award winner is later found not to have obtained the copyright owner’s permission, its award may be cancelled. The host assumes no responsibility for any issues related to that matter.

How to apply?

  • Entry Fee: Free;
  • Entry Films: Entrants should submit a web-link or send the movies via e-mails, to EFFA16 Team. Two pictures concerning the movie (poster and/or scenes of the movie), and a short synopsis in English should be included in the proposal. The category targeted must be underlined in the e-mail;
  • Address: The e-mail address of the Festival is An e-mail of confirmation will be sent after reception of the proposal.

Entry movies must be received by the organisation before 1 April 2016, 11:59pm (local time).

For more information please check the offical call.

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