Corporate Digital Learning – Online Course at iversity

Course starts: February 2016
Open to: Business Professionals (HR managers, general managers), and Learning Professionals (couches, trainers, teachers)
Costs: Free / 29EUR Statement of Participation

About this course

Fostering employee growth and maintaining efficient on-boarding and on-the-job training is essential for all companies and organisations. Digital learning offers the technologies, administration and tools that will optimise your return on education. This course will provide you with the Corporate Digital Learning (CDL) methods you or your company need to improve engagement, knowledge transfer and job performance.

A central aspect of this is approach is social online learning. This course in itself wants to create a CDL professional community: co-creating knowledge and exchanging ideas and best practices through dialogue and exchange amongst other learning professionals.

This free and open course is offered by KPMG and facilitated by Dr. Jeanny Wildi-Yune. KPMG is a leading international network of professional firms providing audit, tax, consultancy and advisory services. In 155 countries across the globe, the KPMG network has more than 150,000 people working in member firms. Dr. Jeanny Wildi-Yune is an experienced senior consultant at KPMG AG in Germany, with over 20 years experience in the field of education and extensive experience in corporate education in particular.

What you will learn?


  • Assessing Learning Needs (Challenges and requirements, Benefits of digital learning, Types and Tools)
  • Assuring Learning Transfer (Analysis and assessment, Picking the right methods, Best practice examples)
  • Social Online Learning (Engagement and interaction, Gamification methods Motivating employees and participants)
  • Effective Learning Formats (Blended learning, Flipped classroom, Virtual platforms)
  • Didactical Resources (Finding the right methodology, Learning matrices, Measurement models)
  • Measuring Return On Education (Understanding education economics, Assessment and impact of KPIs Improvements and optimisation)

This Course is for Anyone…

Interested in exploring the online learning methods, but especially to those in the business setting. More specific groups would include:

  • Business Professionals: HR managers, general managers: Find more cost-effective, scalable and engaging e-learning format; Take advantage of new trends, products, services for a higher return on education
  • Learning Professionals: Couches, trainers, teachers: Engage and exchange ideas with a global community of learning professionals in the field ;Stay on top of marketing trends, thought leadership and best practices

How to enroll?

You can enroll for the course via the iversity platform HERE. The course is self-paced and will be active as of February 2016.

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