Hjort Scholar Grant at Hjort Centre for Marine Ecosystem Dynamics

Deadline: 1 December 2015
Open to: international researchers and scientists whose research aims at scientific innovation and understanding of marine ecosystems
Grant: amounts up to 50.000 NOK


Hjort Scholars intend to increase co-operation between Hjort scientists and reputable scientists internationally whose research is deemed to promote scientific innovation and understanding of marine ecosystems, with the ultimate aim of increasing the sustainable harvest of living resources.  The planned research should fall within one or more of the themes in the Science Plan. Contact needs to be established with at least one member of the Centre before producing the plan for the visit.

The Hjort Scholar will be actively included in a creative and ambitious research environment consisting presently of 90 researchers having access to one of the most extensive research infrastructure existing, spanning from modern laboratories, marine biological stations and advanced research vessels to extensive biological and physical time series. The Host Institution is either the Institute of Marine Research, University of Bergen, Uni Research, or Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, all located in the city of Bergen, Norway. For 2016, a total of two Hjort Scholars will be awarded. The length of the stay should be, at minimum, one month.


The grant will be awarded to international researchers and scientists whose research aims at scientific innovation and understanding of marine ecosystems.


The grant amounts up to 50.000 NOK and should be used within the period from 1 February 2016 to 31 December 2016.  The Grant shall be paid to the Hjort Scholar to cover documented expenses related to a research visit to the Hjort Centre, Bergen, Norway. Eligible costs include travel (low-fare tickets), accommodation and work-related consumables. Salary is not included.

How to apply?

The deadline for applications is 1 December 2015. The application needs to be produced in co-operation with a member of the Hjort Centre, as listed under HERE. This Principal Contact Person is the formal applicant. The application, in the form of a Letter, should be 2-5 pages long and contain a brief résumé of the potential Hjort Scholar in question, i.e. his/her scientific background and level of expertise, followed by an outline of the planned research activity and the potential benefits of working with Centre members in Bergen. The overall research aim(s) and deliverable(s) of the visit should be listed, as well as compliance with the Science Plan of the Hjort Centre. Key research questions in the Hjort Centre are specified HERE, while the complete Science Plan will be provided upon request.

The Candidate’s CV (max. 4 pages) as well as a Letter of Support (PDF) from his/her home institution should be attached to the letter (not required for emeritus status). These documents should be sent electronically to the Director of the Centre to: olav.kjesbu@imr.no

For more information please visit the official website and read the official guidelines.

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