“The Environment is Changing” Contest for Brazil and India

Deadline: 22 September 2015
Open to: animators, producers, students and graduates of animation schools coming from Brazil and India
Prize: USD 3,ooo per each video


Trough the creative call “The environment is changing”, ProjectHub invites everyone from Brazil and India to inspire audiences through 15 second animation videos. The project aims to promote and exhibit animations, related to environmental sustainability, produced by students and graduates of animation, advanced high school students, independent animators and international producers, and also seeks to provide a space for artistic and technological reflection in this area. The climate it’s a major part in planet’s environmental system that even “details” have impacts that are large and complex.

Changes in nature, has serious implications for people and economic system. The insurance industry estimates the potential economic damage, caused by the impacts of global warming, to be hundreds of billions of dollars each year. In a number of regions impacts are already underway: decrease in cold temperature, increase in warm temperature,high sea levels and the number of heavy precipitation events are some exemples of those consequences. When talk about Climate Risks in development countries as Brazil and India some specific consequences pop-up in our minds as impacts on agriculture, food and water shortages and changing patterns of disease.

Focusing on the theme Climate Change, the main ideia is to find 5 short videos with a positive and informative approach.


ProjectHub invites animators, producers, students and graduates of animation schools from Brazil and India to present short films.


There will be selected 5 winners. Grand award of the jury is USD 3,ooo per each video.

How to apply?

The deadline for application is 22 September 2015.

For entry to qualify for consideration, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the Official Entry Form online and upload at least one image with your entry;
  • First, upload your video to YouTube, Veoh, or Vimeo. Then, when you complete the Entry Form, provide the link to the video where indicated on the form. They cannot accept any video files by e-mail;
  • Submitted shorts must be 15 seconds length, credits not included. The credits will be considered as additional time;
  • File type options: shorts must be submitted in high resolution ( 1920×1080 full HD), frame ratio 29,7 preferably in MP4 H264 or .mov H264;
  • If there is any diolgue or locution included, the short must be submitted without It, however, the participant should attach the script, written in English, to the entry form.

For more information please visit the official website. 

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