Call for Good Practice: Towards Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Skills

Deadline: 3 July 2015
Open to: training providers from organisations that design and deliver training, mentoring and coaching
Benefits: opportunity to to have your good practice show cased at international level


With increasing expectations on policymakers and practitioners to develop more cost-effective ways of developing human capital, good practice sharing has been identified as one option to reduce time, cost and effort in bringing innovation and value to education and training. In its recently published strategies ‘Rethinking Education’ and the ‘Entrepreneurship Action Plan’, the European Commission underlines the necessity to ‘embrace and exploit’ the good practitioner experience to boost job creation and prosperity. Within this call, training programmes will be peer reviewed virtually. The peer review will be carried out by experts and ETF staff based on an ETF good practice ‘scorecard’. The scorecard comprises a set of criteria against which training providers can determine quality, value and innovation in training. Training programmes that meet the good practice criteria will be assigned merit and posted the ETF’s international good practice platform. The ETF is presently seeking applications from training providers to participate in the call in the following thematic areas:

  • Training for youth entrepreneurship;
  • Training for women’s entrepreneurship;
  • Training for internationalisation of SMEs.

All themes are priority policy concerns for the EU’s Small Business Act. All good practices submitted should have a clear and explicit human capital dimension i.e. education, training or other staff development feature (e.g. mentoring). Consequently, networking which may have an inherent human capital development line would not be sufficient unless it forms part of a clearly defined human capital development initiative. Note that while this call looks specifically at the three thematic training areas (youth entrepreneurship, women’s entrepreneurship and skills for SME internationalisation), ETF is also interested in how the training addresses digital skills set against an increasing drive towards e-commerce and a wider digital economy in the EU, its neighbouring regions, and beyond. In their submissions, training providers should ensure to demonstrate how their training programme interfaces with the development of digital competences and skills.


Training providers must be from organisations that design and deliver training (or mentoring and coaching) in the three thematic areas. This could include:

  • Business support organisations with a developed training profile (e.g. Chamber of Commerce, SME agency);
  • Training organisations that develop training for specific target groups (private training providers, public employment service, vocational education schools, training centres, specialist NGOs);
  • SMEs that have in-house training to promote knowledge, competences or skills (this could include more innovative ways to promote human resources e.g. staff rotation, on-the-job mentoring, e-learning).

See the list of the countries which are eligible HERE.


The training providers who participate in the call and who are selected as a good practitioner will benefit in a number of ways, including:

  • ƒThrough constructive peer review, identify areas of the training programme to be improved;
  • Opportunities to have your good practice show cased at international level;
  • Possibility to enhance your networking through ETF’s international network across the EU 28, ETF’s 30 partner countries and beyond;
  • Possibility to enhance your market position through ETF’s website, the good practice international on-line platform, the participation to events and other initiatives your training programme will be widely spread.

How to apply?

The deadline for applications is 3 July 2015. Training providers must submit their application using the Application form. All applicants must complete the eligibility criteria and the checklist at the end of the application form.

For more information please follow the official website and the information note.

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