Be European Young Ambassador at the AEUB 2015 Seminar!

Deadline: 26 June 2015
Open to: nationals of a European country aged 18-25
Venue: 16-19 July 2015, Caux, Switzerland


The Caux-Initiatives of Change Foundation is offering 50 full scholarships to young committed Europeans willing to represent their country at the “Addressing Europe’s Unfinished BusinessCreating a Common Understanding of Issues and Values” seminar in Caux, Switzerland. This seminar is a four-day programme that seeks to engage European citizens from all backgrounds to conceive and participate in actions developing a spirit of partnership and solidarity across Europe in order to achieve the needed peacebuilding efforts in this continent. This programme reaches out to the 50 countries which are officially recorded as European, members of the Council of Europe and/or the European Union. Relevant topics of the seminar are immigration, cultural and religious minorities, inter-ethnic conflict, peacebuilding, and more. Some of the main questions that will be discussed during seminar are:

  • What are the common foundations for tomorrow’s Europe?
  • How can we live together?
  • How could we work together?
  • How could we understand each other better and share a common responsibility for the future?


Applicants must be aged 18-25 and nationals of a European country. For the purposes of this programme, Europe is defined as any of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe or the 28 member states of the European Union.


Organizers are able to offer full scholarships to successful applicants. If you register before 20 June, the full amount of the conference fee and accommodation (full board for 4 days/4 nights) will be covered. Ambassadors will only have to pay their travel expenses to/from the Caux Conference Centre, Switzerland.

How to apply?

The deadline for applications is 26 June 2015. To apply to be an ambassador, please send a CV and covering letter (one page max.) outlining your personal motivations to attend the seminar and represent your country to:

For more information please follow the official website.

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