Summer Hacking Camp in Slovenia

Deadline: 18 June 2015
Open to: anyone with a keen interest in technology, art and nature
Venue: 3 – 9 August 2015, Soča, Slovenia


The open call for participation at the very first PIFcamp is extended till 18 June! PIFcamp is 5-day intensive Summer Hacking Camp with its main topic Hacking HyperREality. PIFcamp is a temporary nomad maker-base set in Slovenian nature, where art, technology and knowledge meet. During hands-on workshops, presentations, field trips, laboratory research and with the help from experienced local and international guests from different fields, the participants will actively take part in exploration and representation of climate, economic, ecological, technological, social, political, cultural, artistic and geopolitical changes and tensions of past, present and future Europe. In DIY, DIWO and DITO manner! The participants of the camp will take the leading part in holding workshops, practical field trips, theoretical lectures and on-sight briefings. PIFcamp will focus on knowledge transfer within practices and tools, such as bio-hacking, citizen science and open source hardware and software.


The camp is open to anyone. Organizers are looking for hackers, makers, DIY enthusiasts, scientists, thinkers, programmers, noise freaks, new media artists, researchers, obsolete and new technology geeks, bio-artists, engineers, circuit benders, nature lovers and down-to-earth space explorers eager to work with each other for a better tomorrow.


The participation fee per person is EUR 50, which covers food, shared accommodation (for 6 nights) and materials.

How to apply?

The deadline for applications is 18 June 2015. If you want to participate at the 1st PIFcamp please send the following information (in Slovene or English) to

  • A short personal biography;
  • A short project proposal or an idea you want to develop during PIFcamp. If possible, also include an approximate list of materials you’ll need to develop it. OR, if you don’t have an idea, but are eager to participate, describe what your interests/skills are (i.e. you want to present your own project, help with the video, photo and project’s documentation, … ). OR, perhaps you want to join one of the proposed topics (wearables, bio-hacking, DIY electronics, computer arts). If so, let us know which;
  • A very short statement on why you want to participate.

For more information please follow the official website.

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