INELI-Balkans Training Program for Public Library Employees

Deadline: 30 June, 2015
Open to: public library employees from the Balkan countries
Costs:Future Library will cover all the agreed training costs; as well as the travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for the participation of trainees in the three INELI-Balkans Convenings.


Are you an action-oriented and inventive team player, with a desire to apply your imagination and connect with peers to fuel a smarter library? If so, the INELI-Balkans Training program will open doors for you.

The INELI-Balkans Training program aims to enable high-potential public library employees to develop and sustain a network of public libraries in the Balkan region that will encourage knowledge-sharing, experimentation with new ideas and collaboration. Trainees will be provided with the additional exposure and personal development necessary to progress rapidly within their organization, to introduce and run new library services, to form and sustain high-performance national and international partnerships and to engage actively in INELI-Balkans. At the end of the program, trainees will have gained the leadership and practical skills to sustain the INELI-Balkans beyond the scope of the project.

Program Activities Include:

  1. Extensive online training – Τhe training will focus on further developing the ability of emerging library Innovators to share knowledge, provide strategic planning, collaborate and develop Project Plans for new library services. Trainees will be guided by expert trainers and mentors from the library field and beyond, through the dedicated e-learning courses, their participation in the discussion e-forum, webinars, practical exercises and through interaction and twinning activities.  The e-learning curriculum is developed by Future Library, in collaboration with INELI-Balkans Ambassadors and expert trainers.
  2. Networking events – Three annual Convenings, which will include live training workshops, study visits, mentorship by library field experts and time for socializing, will enrich the experience of INELI-Balkans participants and the trust between them.
  3. Pilot Library Service Implementation Successful Project Plans for new services developed by trainees will receive seed funding and administrative support for their pilot implementation. The pilot trainee Project phase will be monitored and evaluated and the results documented and disseminated as ‘lessons learned’ and as a reference for future plans.

Learn more details on the Program Schedule HERE.


The Training Program is open to public or other library employees from the 11 Balkan countries involved in the INELI-Balkans project: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia. Candidates are expected to be high-performing learners, with demonstrated potential to pursue personal development and excellence in their work (alternatively: library innovation) and with a clear commitment to the INELI-Balkans project.

To gain the most out of the training, ideal candidates are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • Preferable but not compulsory, four years of library work experience (or library-related experience in the information, culture or education sector);
  • Good written and spoken English, ability to process complex information delivered in English;
  • Intermediate ICT skills;
  • Willing and able to devote additional time outside of normal working hours to fully participate in all activities of the training program.
  • Access to technology (computer, software, Internet connectivity) that will support interaction with other network participants and enable completion of network obligationsl
  • Desire to learn in a dynamic environment;
  • Interest in developing skills in project planning, management and evaluation and applying these skills for library development work;
  • Demonstrated desire to work across different cultures and geographic boundaries;
  • Ability to drive new ideas and lead with strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Ability to work with, inspire and influence others to achieve goals and to build partner relationships;
  • Self-motivated, with a passion for customer service;
  • Agile and adaptable to change.


Future Library will cover all the agreed training costs; as well as the travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for the participation of trainees in the three INELI-Balkans Convenings.

How to apply?

Interested parties from 11 Balkan countries are called to complete and submit the Training Application Form by email to Lida Mantzourani, Project Manager of the INELI-Balkans project: Submission deadline is 30 June 2015.

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