Apply for Transeuropa Festival in Belgrade

Deadline: 25 June, 2015
Open to: artists, activists, designers, performers, hacktivists, gamers or thinkers throughout Europe
Venue: 1-5 October, 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia


Are you an artist, activist, designer, performer, hacktivist, gamer, thinker or collective who loves to share what you do or think? Do you want to co-create an exciting transnationally sourced and organised festival that combines politics with art and culture in Europe? Does the idea of picking up the pieces in order to go beyond the fragments of the current European political context excite you? Do you want to become part of a growing community in Europe and beyond that believes change only happens through joining our hands and minds?

TRANSEUROPA is a festival of arts, culture and politics. This year’s festival takes place in Belgrade from October 1-5. The festival is transnational in its fabric, concept and content. Its main objective is to create a temporary space for people from throughout Europe to exchange, co-create and find common ground for future actions to call for democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state.

The programme is conceived of with various professionals, activists and artists throughout Europe in order to tackle the most burning issues facing the continent from a transnational point of view: war on the European continent, the rise of nationalism and xenophobia, the danger of the unravelling of the European Union (Brexit and Grexit), the continuation of self-defeating economic policies and mass unemployment, the persistence of corruption, the hecatomb in the Mediterranean, increased attacks on human rights and the questioning of freedom of movement for European citizens and migrants alike. These tendencies push us away from the core political principles of justice, unity and solidarity.

But there are also positive, albeit fragmented signs. A growing political awareness among the younger generation of Europeans; renewed leadership by social movements and citizen initiatives, from the Irish referendum to the Spanish municipal elections; rising indignation towards perceived injustices, from the treatment of refugees to urban redevelopments or mass surveillance.


It is open for artists, activists, designers, performers, hacktivists, gamers or thinkers throughout Europe. The TEF15 programme is now open for your contribution. It offers a mix of activities, ranging from debates, conferences and workshops to artistic and cultural activities such as exhibitions, theatre performances and urban games.


All selected entries will be notified in the first week of July. Travel to and accommodation in Belgrade will be covered. There will be a small budget/stipend for each successful entry, depending on funding.

How to apply?

Please fill in this form to apply online and to submit a participation proposal by 25 June, 2015. Before applying, we encourage you to read through the festival concept note .

For more information, send an e-mail at

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