Participate in Discussion about Central Asian Politics

Deadline: ongoing
Open to: anyone who is passionate about Central Asian politics
Benefits: opportunity to publish own articles


The Silk Road Initiative, formerly known as Young Central Asian Leaders Initiative, is a youth-led organization that strives to generate discourse on pressing issues that go largely unnoticed by global media. Considering the politics of the region (ahem, certain authoritarian governments), its difficult to carry out direct actions and campaigns. Nevertheless, blogging, reporting, and writing is just as effective. By communicating issues that are important to this region, change will come. The Silk Road Initiative is looking for individuals who want to:

  • Contribute to the newsfeed by regularly writing articles;
  • Edit articles;
  • Conduct research and publish on website;
  • Join the logistics team.

The discussion has no boundaries. The main objective is to cover topics ranging from ethnic tension, gender violence, health, to human rights and religion. Keep in mind that the Silk Road Initiative is meant to report on all  issues, feel free to submit anything.


There is no specific age requirement for this opportunity. The only requirement is to be passionate about Central Asian politics.


The position offers following benefits:

  • Experience of being part of the editorial process;
  • Possibility to shape the regional conversation on the most important topics;
  • Opportunity to publish own articles.

How to apply?

If you are interested in this offer please send a resume/CV along with a description of the job you want at

For more information please check the official website.

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