Research Assistant Position at a Center for Comparative History and Political Studies

Deadline: 1 June 2015
Open to: PhD or the candidate of sciences with experience in the field of history, political science, sociology and / or anthropology
Salary: $ 1,000 per month


The Centre for Comparative History and Political Studies was created in 2012 at the Department of History and Political Sciences  at Perm State National Research University in Russia. It is oriented primarily towards comparative research and combining the methods of history and political science. The primary project of the Center is focused on the analysis of patron­client relationships as a historical phenomenon taking many forms in different political, social and economic contexts. The Center invites applicants for a full-time research assistant position at Perm State National Research University (PSNRU). CCHPS desires to recruit a scholar with an interest and experience in the field of history, political science, sociology and / or anthropology, focusing on:

  • Comparative studies methodologies;
  • The study of patron-client relations;
  • Narratives and the phenomenon of the Soviet;
  • Studies of electoral practice, political processes and institutions, regional and local policies.

Research assistant will have following principal duties and responsibilities:

  • Active participation in the research work at CCHPS (individual research and collective projects) and organization of one academic event (conference, workshop);
  • Presence at CCHPS in Perm for at least 60% of the time fixed in the contract;
  • Publication of at least two articles in domestic and / or international peer-reviewed journals, stating CCHPS as the main affiliation;
  • Preparation and implementation of courses in the context of CCHPS masters programs, instruction of PSNRU students from the faculty of history and political sciences;
  • Participation in the preparation of applications for international and Russian science funds.


The applicants for the position should meet following requirements:

  • Applicants should have a PhD or the candidate of sciences;
  • The ability to speak clear and fluent English and Russian;
  • The successful applicant should have experience with research projects and publishing in international journals.


The salary for the position is $ 1,000 per month. Moreover, the researcher will receive sufficient funds to pay for accommodation in Perm during the time of the contract (up to 500 USD per month). Other funds for field or archival research and payment of transportation costs will be payed as well.

How to apply?

The deadline for application is 1 June 2015. To apply, candidates must submit the following documents:

  • CV, including a list of the most important publications;
  • A motivation letter with a brief description of their research interests, interest in this position, and research plans for the period of work at the center (September 2015 – June 2016); no more than 2,500 words;
  • A sample of the published or unpublished academic texts (article, research excerpt or book chapter).

Please submit all the documents electronically to with a copy to Please ensure that your first and last name and the position title are included in the email subject line.

For more information please check the official website.

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