Apply for Women PeaceMakers Program in San Diego

Deadline: 20 April 2015
Open to: women active in peace-building or human rights
Fellowship: encompasses costs for local transportation, living expenses, incidentals


Applicants are invited to apply to a unique residency program from 12 September –  21 November 2015 for women engaged in peacebuilding and human rights in San Diego, USA. The Women PeaceMakers (WPM) Program at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice (IPJ) involves learning, teaching and taking the time to narrate a personal, unique story of peacemaking. Along with scheduled time when the Woman PeaceMaker will work one-on-one with a peace writer who will document her story, there will be programs in which she will share with others her experiences from her respective country and conflict setting. She will learn from and explore new skills and ideas with fellow PeaceMakers. Through better understanding of individual human rights advocacy and peacebuilding work, the program seeks to build greater understanding and to document the challenges and successes of women who have been involved in peacemaking efforts in their own communities, country or region.

As a Woman PeaceMaker, you will:

  • Work together with a Peace Writer to document stories of your life and work;
  • Have your experiences and personal stories captured on video and audio;
  • Share your experiences of peacemaking and human rights advocacy with students and faculty at USD, and at other schools and universities in southern California;
  • Participate and assist for 2 weeks in teaching undergraduate students who are studying Peace and Justice Studies at the University of San Diego;
  • Meet with and learn from local and national women leaders involved in human rights, political action and peacemaking efforts;
  • Form networks that can be called upon for international peacemaking and post-conflict planning processes following the residency;
  • Take time to reflect in a safe and nurturing environment that promotes new learning and an authentic exchange of ideas;
  • Visit local governmental and nongovernmental organizations, and participate in guest lectures and other public engagements.


The Women PeaceMakers Program selects women leaders who:

  • Have made significant contributions to peacemaking or defending human rights in their communities, and who are at a point where they are ready to reflect back on the challenges and successes of their journey;
  • Typically, have been active in the field for one or more decades.;
  • Are active at the grassroots, local, national or international level (or a combination), but must have begun or concentrated their peacebuilding or human rights work in their own country;
  • Typically, have led or created organizations, networks or movements for peace or human rights;
  • Are willing to share their peacebuilding work, insights and challenges with diverse audiences, including fellow PeaceMakers, students, academics, practitioners, donors and community members.


There is no cost for participation in the Women PeaceMakers Program. The program will provide fellowships to four qualified applicants. This funding is to be used for:

  • local transportation (travel and airfare to and from San Diego is provided;
  • living expenses (other than housing, which is provided;
  • incidentals.

The Women PeaceMakers Program encourages applicants to seek supplemental funding from local sources, although the funding provided by the IPJ for those selected will be sufficient for the full 10 weeks.

How to apply?

In order for your application to be considered it must be sent electronically or post-marked by 20 April 2015. If mailed, it can be received by 25 April 2015. Applicants selected for consideration will be notified by 10 June 2015; successful candidates will be notified by 30 June 2015.

All applications must include:

  1. The completed and signed 2015 Application Form;
  2. A resume, curriculum vitae or listing of your peacemaking and work activities and educational background. There are no educational requirements for this program, but the organization would like to know about your formal as well as informal education (No more than 3 pages);
  3. Two letters of reference with contact information should be provided in the Application Form;
  4. A two-part statement, in a maximum of 8 pages, that explains your personal objectives and gives an outline of your story. This should include: an explanation of why you are interested in participating in the 2015 Women PeaceMakers Program  (incorporate your personal goals with your understanding of how this unique program can benefit your work, no more than 4 pages), as well as a summary of your own peacemaking story (no more than 4 pages long).

Note: You may substitute a videotape (maximum of 10 minutes) in which you provide the information requested in 4th point.

Post or mail completed application to:

Jennifer Freeman
Senior Program Officer for Women, Peace and Security
Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice
University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA  92110
Fax: 1.619.260.7570

For more information, please check the official web-site.

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