Call for Papers: Communication & Popculture Academic Journal

Deadline: rolling basis
Open to: contributors ideally from Central/Eastern Europe
Benefits: have your paper featured in emerging academic journal


The Institute of Literary and Artistic Communication in Nitra, Slovakia launches new international scholarly magazine Art Communication & Popculture covering domains of art, art communication and popculture. The ambition of the magazine is to offer a space for scholarly reflection of problems of actual art communication in all forms of art and popculture. The concept of the magazine Art Communication & Popculture is a reflection of the need to create a theoretical platform for investigation of the world of which protomethodological basis is the knowledge that a purpose is not a quality situated outside but as an inherent attribute. Art Communication & Popculture is the magazine for interpretation of the world determined by art and popculture. The first issues is already ready to go, however you can send your contributions for next issues!

The magazine accepts papers for two following issues on exposed vs. suppressed author and thematic algorithms:

Exposed vs. suppressed author in contemporary art and popculture reality 

The look at an author as the originator of a work of art who projects himself into it was a metaphoric idea of Roland Barthes on ,,the death of author” (1968) which can be nowadays critically read. Roland Barthes arrived to the statement of ,,the death of author” based on processes of reduction or exclusion of direct expressive mental approach to the creation. We can see an opposite tendency in contemporary art to shape a work of art based on private, almost intimate experiences of the author. The studies should reflect such examples with a tendency to amplify (accentuate) the presence of author in a text, it should analyze and interpret cases with self-projection, self-presentation, self-confessing, autoreference, introspection, individualization or individualistic behaviour of the author. At the same time, we are seeking studies covering forms where a direct dominance of an author is suppressed and immediate dialogic or participative communication prevails generating new community as social, individual or collective ,,plasticity” (participative, collaborative, activitistic, socially engaged art etc.)

Theme algorithms (in literature, art and popculture)

The magazine Art Communciation & Popculture seeks studies disseminating algorithms to which the world presented in art and popculture oeuvres is subjected. The studies should focus on algorithms (sequences, rules, patterns, formulas, grammars or clichés) of represented
world (story, fabula, histoire, logos, invention, narrative world etc.), algorithms, rules of representing/ creating world (sujet, discourse, lexis, disposition, intentional world etc.), algorithms disposing of following attributes have preference: primary, constituting, founding, elementary, rudimentary, archetypal, profound, universal etc. We welcome studies expanding the knowledge of thematic algorithms from the point of archetypal, (pre)historic, areal, genre or trend view (relation of thematic algorithms in text/type/genre with arch-narratives /myths, primeval texts, fables, fairy tales etc./, thematic algorithms in under-reflected areas, genres, certain artefacts, the definition of thematic algorithms in subsystems/genres/specific artefacts of popculture etc.) and studies expanding or amending authoritative scholarly models of sujetthematic algorithms (for example Propp´s model of functionality in fairy tales, Lévi-Strauss´myth models, Cox, Root, Aarne-Thompson, Uther´s typology, deep-psychological interpretation matrixes, interpretation of these algorithms in /post/structuralists concepts etc.).

Besides thematic studies, the magazine accepts continuously studies and academic papers from domains of art, art communication and popculture upon the agreement with editors as well as diverse range of reviews and critiques. Please address your propositions and queries

The official call

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