“My Best Advice to You for 2015” Quick Challenge

Deadline: 31 January, 2015
Open to: everyone worldwide
Awards: reaching publicity worldwide + other small awards


In 2014, the global youth think-DO-tank launched its Growr initiative and have featured amazing career TIPS. Each Tuesday, publishing one TIP at Growr Facebook community page and Challenge:Future community page the think-tank have collected myriad pieces of wisdom igniting and stimulating career and personal growth.

Now it is your chance to share THE career advice for your peers and get publicity worldwide. Therefore, what knowledge, advice or encouragement would you like to give to your peers to ignite their growth, projects or event employment?

Need ideas for your advice? Here is what some tips are sharing to global community:

“Be Honest. This is far the best advice I can give you. By being honest to yourself first, you will know exactly what you are ‘missioned’ to do in your life without need to meet anyone’s expectations but your own. By being honest to others, you are starting the game with an advantage: your input is exactly what you are capable and willing to do. From the start, you are really you. I am not promising that you can’t get disappointed or hurt by being honest. But you always know that you are doing your best. How better can it be?” says a tip from Metka Ule Novak, C:F Vice President and founding partner of C:F.

“Observe well before you form any solutions. Take time. Contemplate. Look from afar, then zoom in, like a painter. But don’t be hasty with your answer, and when you give it, when you present your solution, be sure it’s in harmony with the universe,” says a tip by Dr. Rebolj Danijel, Rector of University of Maribor.


All TOP submissions selected by judges and community winner will be published as Growr Career TIP with reach over 10.000 people each day.

1st place winner will have an inspiration year of 2015 by using Paulo Coelho Alchemy 2015 Weekly Planner. The same qualities that attract readers to Paulo Coelho’s book will attract them to this planner, which offers quotes that readers can study as they navigate through their everyday lives. Inspired by Paulo Coelho’s books, beautifully produced with 4 color art throughout, the Weekly Planner includes flaps and a ribbon marker for marking. The generous design allows for 4 pages to the week with a quote on every spread.

2 nd and 3rd place and community winner are also to receive an Amazon Gift card for 15 USD.

How to take the challenge?

You need to be registered user at Challenge:Future platform. You can register for free HERE. Then, follow the instructions given in the official call:

  1. Prepare a personal advice not longer than 100-150 words. If you feel like you need to see more from previous featured authors, go to Growr Facebook page here;
  2. Pick a photo of you or “you in action”. Each advice that will be selected gets published with visualization;
  3. Put your advice and photo in a Power-Point-Presentation where you also shortly present yourself (your field of work, field of studies etc.);
  4. Await a message in your inbox or follow our social media channels to see whether your TIP has been picked and accepted. If selected, we will publish the tip and inform you about its global reach.

For any questions which you may have, contact C:F team via Helpdesk here.

For more information please see the official call.

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