Model European Union Sofia

Deadline: 5 October, 2014
Open to: young people with strong interest in EU affairs aged 18-28
Venue: Sofia, Bulgaria, from 24 to 28 Novermber 2014


Model Euroepan Union is a simulation of the legislative process in the institutions of the European Union. While similar concepts were popping up in different universities all around Europe, the first one that bore this name was hosted in one of the seats of the European Parliament – Strasbourg, France. After this inception, the concept started to augment and propagate, becoming an annual event, inspirational to many young people all over and beyond Europe. Since then it has been organized by B.E.T.A. e.V., Bringing Europeans Together Association, a trans-european NGO with headquarters in Mainz, Germany. Its general aims are directed towards creating ‘agents for change’, who ‘think european’ and cooperate in view of creation of an European public space closer to their own views. The recurrent success of its initiative in Strasbourg has proven that people, regardless of their origin, cultural background and degree of engagement can disclose ways to cooperate if gathered together in a realistic environment.

Model European Union Sofia 2014 is going to take place between 24th and 28th of November 2014 on the premises of the Representation of the European Commission / The Buro of the European Parliament in Sofia. There the participants will assume the roles of Members of the European Parliament, Ministers in the Council of the European Union or Journalists, while borrowing from their tasks in improving real-life legislative proposals. To this end, MEPs should be able to strike a balance between their own national goals and the fraction preferences, to which they belong to, while Ministers from the Member States must build alliances according to their national agendas and group dynamics, befitting the policy area in discussion. They will be closely monitored by the Journalists, whose tasks will be to inquire clarifications on amendments, positions and alliances, to draft a daily newspaper that will further inform the participants in the other legislative chamber, as well as collect data, statements, quotations and positions in view of accommodating inputs for the preparation of a policy study. We have now opened our call for participants.

You will be able to choose among different roles and become part of a large-scale project:

  • Member of the European Parliament;
  • Minister in the Council of the European Union;
  • Chair;
  • Journalist;
  • Policy Facilitator.

While the MEPs and the Ministers will turn into the engine of change within both chambers of the European Union decision-making machinery, they will be guided through this process by Chairs and closely observed by our Journalists and Policy Facilitators, whose role will be to come up with relevant contents such as a newspaper, video interviews and a policy study. The aim of the organizers is to bring forth the debate on the future of the Foreign Policy of the European Union and come up with new ideas through a realistic debate. In order to facilitate your work, you will be dropped down preparatory materials and take part in a multilateral emulation of a real-world policy-making exercise. In addition to that, to feed your mine, you will be given great opportunities to explore one of the rising cultural spots in Eastern Europe, famous for its subculture.


In order to be considered eligible to apply, you must fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • Be between 18 and 28 years old;
  • Possess upper-intermediate English proficiency;
  • Have some relevant experience (however everybody is encouraged to apply!);
  • If you need a visa – hold a valid passport;
  • Have strong affinity towards EU Affairs.


In general there are two groups of participants and participation costs:

  1. Citizens or students in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Crete, Serbia, Spain do not pay a participation fee and get a travel reimbursement of up to EUR 80.
  2. Other participants pay a reduced participation fee of 50 Euros and cover their travelling expenses on their own. Places are limited!

The Simulation includes:

  • Meals during the simulation;
  • Accommodation in a hostel;
  • Information materials;
  • Full event access;
  • Social program.

Participants will cover the following: any souvenirs or local food / beverages for the EuroNight; the rest of their travelling costs above 80 Euros, plus any other costs during your stay


The selection of the 70 participants will be based on responses on a structured opinion on the topics to be discussed, as well as their motivation to participate. Organizers will also take a look at your background, as well as previous experiences with MUNs/MEUs / Journalism / Chairing / Policy work. However, freshmen are widely sought for!!!

In order to apply please fill our form in English available HERE and send your CV to

The official Facebook page

The official web page

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