German Companies Offer Internships to Balkan Students

Deadline: 31 October 2014
Open to: undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate students from Albania, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia
Internship: allowance, accommodation and health-insurance



The Internship Program of German Business is offering graduates and students a three- to six-month-long internship at leading German companies. The purpose of these internships are that when the interns return to their home countries, the experience gathered is to be used to further the economic development of their home countries and to strengthen the economic cooperation between Germany and the region. Thus, know-how from Germany is transferred to these countries. This is how the programme also makes a positive contribution towards the image of Germany held in these countries.


In order to be eligible to apply for a internship position you need to be:

  • Undergraduate or graduate student;
  • To be no older than 30 years;
  • You must come from: Albania, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia;
  • Your area of study need to be in one of the following: Engineering; Economics, Business Administration; Law; Journalism (Additional information about the different areas is provided here).
  • Have a very good command of German and / or English


If you get the internship position the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) will provide you monthly allowance to cover your daily costs. And the respective company will provide accommodation and health- insurance.

Application and selection procedure

Before you fill the online application form you need to prepare the following documents:

  • a letter of motivation (1-2 max.pages in German or English);
  • a curriculum vitae (in German or English);
  • a portrait photo (in a common graphics format, e.g. JPG), a separate document;
  • a scanned transcript of records (overview of the courses and marks, issued by your faculty);
  • translation of transcript of records (German or English translation, there is no official translation required for the online application stage);
  • other scanned documents available (e.g. language certificates for German or English, references, diplomas).

After the online applications, the most suitable candidates will be contacted to attend a interview in their Capital city of the country they residence. You will be notified by email one week in advance whether you have been invited to the interview or not.

Candidates invited to the interviews should bring along the following documents:

For students:

  • Transcript of records for examinations passed (as a certified translation);
  • If not listed in the transcript of records: confirmation of enrolment, stating the duration of studies and the current semester of the student (as a certified translation).

For graduates:

  • Final degree / diploma / intermediate diploma (original document for inspection only);
  • Transcript of records (as a certified translation).

Shortlisted candidates will be recommended to German companies. Most of the companies decide which candidate to take on the basis of the written application documents and the recommendation of the selection committee. However, some of the companies also conduct short telephone interviews with the proposed candidates themselves.

4 thoughts on “German Companies Offer Internships to Balkan Students

  1. Hello Marina, Im an intern from the past generations. The cities might vary, this depends on the companies that are interested in your profile. It can be big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, but it can also be a company in a small city. However, the experience from one company to another differs a lot, no matter if big city or not, it will be great anyway 🙂 . The internship payment also depends on the company where you would be doing your internship. In some cases companies pay for your accommodation, while in other companies they pay you directly. Although, dont worry about the income, the scholarship from the ministry together with what the company will pay you will be enough to live in Germany. And you will also have enough money to travel around the country, too.

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