Whitley Funds for Nature Conservation Projects

Deadline: 31 October  2014
Open to: national of a country that is not defined as a High Income Country from the World Bank
Grant: 35.000 GBR


The Whitley Awards aim to champion passionate conservation leaders and effective communicators – individuals who inspire and who are supported by a committed team. Whitley Awards recognise the leadership qualities of individuals working with effective teams with strong nature conservation experience. They are looking  for people who are excellent ambassadors for the work that they do. Effective conservation is the result of teamwork but applications must specify a distinct leader of the team who would be the recipient of the Whitley Award, if successful.


Whitley Awards winners are nationals of the countries where their conservation activities are focused (i.e. they were born there or have lived there a long time and have achieved national status) or are local to the region in which they work. The strategic focus of the Whitley Awards is national conservation leadership in countries that are not defined as a High Income Economy by the World Bank. Applicants must be able to communicate in English, and be capable of compiling a written report to describe and quantify the success of their work with appropriate academic references.


The program will award grants for projects in excess of 35.000 GBR. WFN will award projects that are focused on nature conservation. Threatened habitat conservation; projects utilising flagship species as a focal point for mobilising local communities; biodiversity conservation and linked livelihood development projects which reduce pressure on wild resources or utilise wild resources sustainably; human-wildlife conflict resolution; in-situ conservation of endangered species – all would be projects we are interested in.  In main projects who have an ecosystem approach, and have a long-term benefits will be given the cash award.


Interested applicants should download the application form and send to the Award manager on this email:


Before you start your application please download the application guidelines, to guide and help you through your application.

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