The Szpilman Award for Ephemeral Works

Deadline: 30 September 2014
Open to: people around the world without any age-limit
Prize: Jackpot Stipendium


The Szpilman Award is awarded to works that exist only for a moment or a short period of time. The purpose of the award is to promote such works whose forms consist of ephemeral situations. You can view some examples of ephemeral works and how your work should look alike HERE. Please note that you need to create this kind of projects and send to the host organisation. The work must have been realized between October 1, 2013, and September 30, 2014.


Everyone can apply for the Szpilman Award without any age-limit. Both individuals and groups of persons are free to apply. 


Apply for The Szpilman Award to win the Grand Stipendium. The Grand Stipendium is a scholarship consisting three parts:

  1. A sum of money in cash ( The sum is dynamic, Organisator is raising money parallel to the copetition [current score- 500 Polish zloty]);
  2. 10 (ten) days of accommodation in Cimochowizna, Poland (including trip);
  3. A Challenge Cup;


To apply send in your documentation about your project alongside the application form  and send it via regular mail to:

SZPILMAN AWARD, Patrick Koch, Auguststrasse 26a, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Closing date is September 30, 2014 (postmark).
From November 6 till November 9, 2014 all applications will be looked trough and jugded by the jury. They will select the best (shortlist) and one winner. The winner will be informed on November 9, both the best and all participants in the following week.

Additional information you can find on their official website or send an email to

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