International Society of Nephrology Fellowship for Developing Countries

Deadline: 15 June 2014
Open to: Citizens from developing countries
Fellowship:  travel, accommodation and living expenses


The International Society of Nephrology Fellowship program provides relevant and contemporary nephrology training to physicians from emerging countries. The guiding principle of the program is that Fellows are required to return to their home countries after their training to convey knowledge and experience that they acquired during their Fellowship.

The program offers two types of Fellowships:

  • Long term (7–12 months)
  • Short term (2–6 months)

Fellows will receive hands-on training in advanced host institutions, allowing them to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge in basic and clinical nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, and epidemiology. The training focuses on providing the exact skills and knowledge specifically required by the home institution.


If you can answer positively all these questions then you are eligible to apply for the fellowship.

  • Are you at least 30 years of age?
  • Are you living and working in a developing country? (Low or medium economy according to the World Bank criteria).
  • Have you received basic training in nephrology in your home country?
  • Are you nominated by a Home Mentor and your Home Institution who guarantee your re-employment once training has been completed?
  • Can you be recommended by two senior nephrologists in your home country?
  • Are you endorsed by the National Society of Nephrology in your home country?
  • Have you identified an appropriate Host Mentor and Institution with whom you have agreed on a suitable training plan?
  • Does your training plan reflect the skills and knowledge that are required by your home Institution and which you can implement on your return?
  • Can you understand and communicate in the host country’s language?
  • Are you willing to guarantee your return to your home country within three months of completing the training?


The grant will cover all costs related to the Fellowship, including travel, accommodation and living expenses. The total sum of the grant varies according to the anticipated expenses in the host country.


In order to apply candidates must submit the following documents:

  • A completed application form (available here)
  • A Host Institution form ( to be filled out by your Host Mentor)
  • A Curriculum vitae ( 3 pages maximum)
  • A covering letter (250 words) describing the goals and who the training will benefit and impact the Home Country and Institution.
  • An acceptance letter from the Host Institution.
  • A Nomination letter from your Home Institution Director detailing the required type of training and explicitly stating adherence to the Declaration of Istanbul.
  • A letter by relevant local society leader describing  the number of nephrologists in home country, current education opportunities and how the training might impact the the local nephrology standards.
  • A letter from your Home Institution guaranteeing re-employment.
  • Two recommendation letters from nephrologists in your Home Institution.

Candidates can submit their application by email: mpsmal@theisn.orgor, fax:+32 2 808 4454 or by post:

Marie Pierre Smal
International Society of Nephrology
Rue des Fabriques
B-1000 Brussels- Belgium

For further information please visit the official website.


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