Join the MasterPeace Storytelling Competition on Peace and Social Change!

Deadline: 30 June 2014
Open to: everyone
Prize: 20 English top novels and a feature in the international media


Everyone has a story – some big, others small. A miracle that happens in your life, a wonder, to pass on. Miracles that happened, because you made them happen. Because of your work, people’s lives got impacted, whether directly or indirectly. Stories inspire, and inspired people act. Those are the reasons why MasterPeace is organizing this storytelling competition. If you want to participate, you should write a short story on what you have experienced that inspired you to change the world around you. Was it the song of that concert, which changed you forever? Was it that trip abroad you made, which made you realize how different cultures can be, but still live peacefully together? Or maybe did your grandmother tell you something you use as a lesson for life? Or perhaps it’s that neighbor around the corner, who came as a refugee to your country, who inspires you every day with his stories.

Your story can be anything, from something you have experienced, to a story you have heard or something your organization, or even your country has been doing. Tell MasterPeace the story you think needs to be shared.


The contest is open to everyone. The story should be submitted in the form of an article of max. 700 words. It is optional to add pictures or a a short video to your blog.

What does the winner get?

MasterPeace selects 10 submissions, and the MasterPeace Blog Ambassadors, comprised of a group experienced bloggers, will select the winning story. 20 English top novels and a feature in the international media are provided for the winner. The 10 best stories will be promoted and featured on the MasterPeace website. Your story will be promoted among MasterPeace’s readers and partners, and through Twitter, Facebook and other networks.

How to apply?

  1. Create an account on;
  2. Write your story on the blog section: -> click on ‘start a blog’;
  3. Go to and click on ‘send entry’;
  4. Choose your story from the list.

Read the full list of rules for applying HERE.

Check the official web-site.

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