Iversity: Macromedia University MOOC in Design Thinking!

Deadline: ongoing
Open to: Students, designers or entrepreneurs worldwide who are eager to develop creativity methods and innovation attitude
Venue: On-line


The first Macromedia University MOOC Design Thinking is about understanding and implementing the methodology of Design Thinking. You will learn how Design Thinking uses creative, human centered techniques as a strategic approach to stimulate innovation. At MHMK, Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, they believe that human needs and experience should drive innovation – not technology. Being a school whose graduates will engage in designing the digital landscape surrounding us, they like to share the conviction of a good, decent and ethical way of creating tomorrows products and services.

This four-week-MOOC starts 14 April 2014 and ends 12 May 2014!

You can enroll for the course for free.


Whether you are a student, a designer or an entrepreneur, you can join this course and develop your creativity methods and innovation attitude while exploring the human-centered design-approach.

No prior knowledge of Design Thinking is needed in order to attend the MOOC. 
Interest in creative techniques, innovation and management is welcome!

About the course

The Macromedia MOOC Design Thinking links theoretical frames with practice. You will look into fundamentals like historical and theoretical aspects of design, design models and design systems. You will gain deeper insights into the Design Thinking methodology and the human-centered design approach. You will learn how to apply teamwork and communications skills, and you will hear about creativity methods and visualization tools in the context of strategic design. And last but not least, the Macromedia MOOC Design Thinking will teach you how to evaluate ideas and concepts and why an innovation attitude and intercultural communication competence is crucial for a successful implementation.

Week by week you are invited to meet academics, professionals and students, who are using Design Thinking in the creative industries as well as in management in order to solve problems of great complexity. Each week is divided into three or four lectures/chapters. Each lecture is divided in several lessons/units, which are usually not longer than 5 minutes. The lessons are made of video material, slides, additional reading material and tasks.

Expect to view approximately 80 minutes of lectures per week which sums up to altogether 5 hours per week including self-study time.

How to Apply?

You can enroll for this MOOC at the official iversity webpage here.

Email Contact for Course Related Questions: mooc@macromedia.de

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