Hands on the Balkans Programme, Belgrade

Deadline: 10 June 2014
Open to: students or graduates of political science and emerging professionals in the field of international development
Venue: 11-21 July 2014 and 15-25 August 2014, Belgrade, Serbia


The objective of Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe (CDRSEE) is to foster within Southeast Europe: democratic and pluralist societies; European values and citizenship; market economies that operate within the framework of the rule of law and principles of social responsibility; social inclusion of disadvantaged groups; and reconciliation among the people of the region.

The seminar is unique in its approach in that it will feature a significant on-field and on-site component where participants engage in excursions to sites of interest and field meetings with local organizations and policymakers. Each seminar session will include two core modules which will make up about 30 percent of the program. The remaining time will be spent in the field where participants will meet with government representatives, civil society, business actors, and media representatives throughout Belgrade and the surrounding region. The code modules will focus on developments in the region, as well as provide a reflection and assessment of international development and civil society involvement throughout the Balkans since the early 2000s. The program will be enriched with lecturers very familiar with the region and the given time period. The program curriculum will be taught by academics and topic experts, while discussions will be led by assistant lecturers and select CDRSEE staff. The curriculum will include a session on the CDRSEE’s flagship program that is widely recognized for its success in education reform, the Joint History Project.

Complimentary to the on-site experience, the CDRSEE will design a dedicated program website by which participants will be able to gain access to program materials and logistical information, and more importantly, have the opportunity to network, debate, and discuss well before their arrival in Belgrade.

Meetings in Belgrade will include visits to public bodies such as the European Integration Office and local municipal assemblies of Stari Grad and Savski Venac. They will also include meetings with politicians from a wide specter of political parties , as well as visits to and meetings with leading civil society and international organizations including the OSCE, NED, and many others. On-site outings will include excursions to South Serbia and the Kosovo-Serbia border region where participants will gain first-hand experience in on-site politics through meetings with local journalists, civil society activists, and EULEX development officers.


If you are a student or graduate of political science or an emerging professional in the field of international development, you are welcomed to participate in the seminars.


The participant fee for non-funded positions is 950 euros. It includes accommodation, participation in the seminar, and several group meals. However, there will be approximately 15 funded positions. The funding covers participation in the program, accommodation in Belgrade for ten days, excursion costs, and an opening and closing group dinner. All participants will need to secure their own travel to and from Belgrade.


In order to apply, please send your CV, contact information, and seminar session that you are interested in attending at office@hobseminar.com. In the subject field please write: SEMINAR APPLICATION.

The participants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, the first application round closes at the end of April, the second at the end of May, whereas the final deadline for applications is 10 June 2014.  Early applications will have a better chance of being considered for the funded positions.

Read more on the web-site of the programme or check the FAQ section.

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