Call for Papers on Feminism and Left – Beginnings and Nowadays

Deadline: 25 April 2014
Open to: researchers, activists, students and individuals interested in the topic
Benefits: the selected papers will be published in a journal and presented on public panels


Women INDOC centre, in cooperation with Dom omladine Beograda, supported by Rosa Luxembourg foundation is announcing a call for papers on the topic: Feminism and Left – Beginning and Nowadays. They are opening the new space for researchers, activists, students, and all the other individuals who would like to contribute in covering the following subjects:

  1. Women who challenged the boundaries (left feminist in 19th and 20th Century): The history of feminism and left movement. Important figures that challenged boundaries, such as :Clara Zetkin, Rosa Luxembourg, La passionaria, or Lucia Sanchez ; Who were those women which fought for both left ideas and feminism and what were the ways that they promoted their ideas. From socialist to anarchist /radical feminism. What were the obstacles, highlights and battles that they overtook in the system and outside of it.
  2. Feminism and socialism – Ideas and practices which created the space for left feminism in ex-Yugoslavia: Recently, we have marked the 35th anniversary of the first feminist conference in Yugoslavia, which was known as the beginning of the feminist movement here. What were the ideas and the main questions of feminism in the socialist era? What were the role and the scope of influence of socialist party like, and how did it influence the development and the direction of the women activism. What were the grounds and characteristics of the roles of “working women”, “socialist women” and the questions of motherhood, economy, individuality etc.?
  3. New challenges of the left feminism – 21st Century: What are the characteristics of the left feminism in 21st century, so called Cyber left feminism? Is the cyberspace, the most viable space for activism, and what are the other means of political struggle in the era of social networks? Who are the groups, individuals and which are the actions that you consider important and interesting for this subject?

The goal of the project Gender and left is emancipation through education and promotion of the alternative political culture. Their main focus is to enable continuity and to increase visibility of feminist movement history through publishing historical documents and promotions of the history of feminist movement in ex-Yugoslavia.


Researchers, activists, students, and all the other individuals who would like to contribute to the topic are eligible to apply.


After having their paper selected, presenters will have a chance to publicly show their work ,at the panels organized by Windoc and Dom Omladine – in, May, June and September. Each panel is dedicated to the one of the issues and will be led by the senior researches/theoretician, which will facilitate the panel and moderate the discussion. Timeline for the presentation depends on the number of successful selected papers (selected presenters will be informed in a timely manner).

Selected papers will be published in November, and promoted in Dom Omladine by the end of the year


Proposed papers (title and abstract of 250 words approx.) should be sent before 25 April 2014 to the following address:, contact person: Lidija Vasiljevic (Project coordinator). Notifications of acceptance of the submissions will be emailed by 30 April 2014.

Read the official call for papers.

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