Vacancies at the European Stu­dent Think Tank

Deadline: ongoing
Open to: under­gradu­ate and post­gradu­ate European stu­dents with a good com­mand of English
Benefits: gain confidence and self-esteem; gaining new skills, knowledge and experience; developing existing skills and knowledge; spending free time wisely; feel valued and part of a team; chance to socialize


The European Stu­dent Think Tank is estab­lish­ing a vast com­munity of stu­dents who are con­trib­ut­ing to a more elab­or­ate insight into the European Union.  The EST Net­work will con­sist of all those con­trib­ut­ing to the con­tent of their web­site, policy pro­pos­als, events and future projects.

They are working on facil­it­at­ing an online net­work for their members; reg­u­lar con­trib­ut­ors will receive a ‘pro­file page’ on which their fields of know­ledge, exper­i­ence and interests are pub­lished. Mem­bers of the EST Net­work will be able to look into each other’s inform­a­tion in order to find pre­vi­ous pro­jects of an author they find inter­est­ing or to work together on a piece.

The EST Net­work will become a vital part of the Think Tank as it is mov­ing to more advanced pro­jects of cre­at­ing policy ideas. In each step of the Think Tank’s pro­gress inter­dis­cip­lin­ary cooperation between students will be neces­sary. The Net­work func­tion of the web­site will help to mod­er­ate this process.

If you are excited about influ­en­cing and improv­ing EU policy and want to be an act­ive mem­ber of Europe’s civil soci­ety, please con­sider the fol­low­ing ways in which you could contribute becoming an ambassador, a board member, a treasurer or a writer.


In order to reach a lar­ger amount of stu­dents and to increase the qual­ity of our work, EST is look­ing for stu­dents who would like to rep­res­ent them in their coun­try as Ambas­sador. As EST Ambas­sador you are one of the key play­ers in their net­work. You are the main con­tact for your coun­try. You will be respons­ible for pro­mot­ing EST in your coun­try and build­ing a net­work of stu­dent con­trib­ut­ors. In short, you are the face of EST in your own coun­try. As they are still a young organ­isa­tion, there is also plenty of room for your own input, ideas and challenges.

EST is cur­rently look­ing for Ambas­sad­ors that will rep­res­ent them in: Aus­tria, Czech Repub­lic, Den­mark, Esto­nia, Fin­land, Greece, Latvia, Lux­em­bourg, Malta, Por­tugal, Slov­akia, Slov­e­nia, Spain, Sweden, Ice­land and Serbia.

EST is look­ing for motiv­ated, pro­act­ive can­did­ates who have an excel­lent com­mand of Eng­lish and good writ­ten, verbal and social skills. In addi­tion, ambas­sad­ors are required to live in the coun­try they rep­res­ent and be famil­iar with the country’s higher edu­ca­tion system.

Ambas­sad­ors spend roughly 5 hours a week on par­ti­cip­at­ing in and pro­mot­ing EST and its activities, build­ing a national net­work of enthu­si­astic stu­dents and professors, and devel­op­ing a plan for sus­tain­able growth of and com­mit­ment to EST.

Being an EST Ambas­sador will allow you to acquire firsthand exper­i­ence with work­ing in an inter­na­tional think tank, be involved in the European policy-making process, organ­ize events on today’s import­ant polit­ical issues and enter into a net­work of like-minded peers.

If you are inter­ested and would like to apply, please send an email with a motiv­a­tion let­ter and a resume to before March 3rd, 2014. They will con­tact you within a two-week period after the clos­ing of the call. If you meet the require­ments, EST will ask you to dis­cuss your ideas with us via Skype.

Board Member

The EST’s seven board mem­bers serve one-year terms, mean­ing we need new board mem­bers every year. The board is split up in the Dir­ect­ive Board (Pres­id­ent, Treas­urer, Sec­ret­ary) and the Exec­ut­ive Board (Event Man­ager, Press and Pro­mo­tions Officer, Inter­na­tional Officer, and Editor in Chief). Usu­ally a Call for Board Mem­bers is pub­lished in March every year, which will out­line the respons­ib­il­it­ies and pro­files of each pos­i­tion. After inter­view­ing the best can­did­ates, new board mem­bers will be selec­ted in May, who will then go through a trans­ition period dur­ing  the sum­mer.

All pos­i­tions are open to under­gradu­ate and post­gradu­ate European stu­dents with a good com­mand of English. For more inform­a­tion and applying, please send an email to


Do you have exper­i­ence with fin­ances? Do you have the skills to over­see an inter­na­tional organ­iz­a­tion? Then con­sider apply­ing for the pos­i­tion of Treas­urer! The European Stu­dent Think Tank’s Treas­urer together with the Pres­id­ent and Sec­ret­ary forms the Dir­ect­ive Board that, together with the Exec­ut­ive Board, runs the EST and dir­ects the organization’s activ­it­ies. As Treas­urer you will focus on the fin­an­cial aspect of the organ­iz­a­tion as well as the over­all func­tion­ing and struc­ture.

A Treas­urer should be organ­ized and have some exper­i­ence with fin­ances. One of the main tasks is acquisi­tion, so prior involve­ment in fun­drais­ing (espe­cially EU fund­ing) is pre­ferred. In addi­tion, as EST is an inter­na­tional organ­iz­a­tion, we are look­ing for internationally-minded stu­dents with good com­munica­tion and Eng­lish skills. The pos­i­tion will take up roughly 10 hours per week, depend­ing on exper­i­ence and work ethic, and is unpaid.

Being treas­urer will allow you to:

  • Acquire firsthand exper­i­ence with work­ing in an inter­na­tional think tank;
  • Acquire fun­drais­ing skills and know­ledge of EU fund­ing schemes;
  • Be involved in the European policy-making process;
  • Enter into and expand a net­work of like-minded peers.

The period of employ­ment will run until at least June 2014, but pref­er­ence will be given to can­did­ates who are able to stay longer. Res­id­ency in The Neth­er­lands (but not Dutch nation­al­ity) is strongly pre­ferred. Because the Dir­ect­ive Board has to be in close con­tact and attend biweekly board meet­ings in per­son, EST has been forced to limit eli­gib­il­ity to people who can be in the office in Ams­ter­dam at least a long even­ing every two weeks and some­times for longer peri­ods. If this dis­qual­i­fies you from the pos­i­tion but you would still like to con­trib­ute, please be in touch with us as well.

If you are inter­ested in apply­ing please send an email to with your CV and a motiv­a­tion let­ter before Feb­ru­ary 11th, 2014. Ques­tions can be addressed to the same email as well.


Are you look­ing for a way to get engaged in an inter­na­tional plat­form where stu­dents share their thoughts about the European Union? Are you not afraid of shar­ing your opin­ion and being crit­ical? Do you like writ­ing, but you do not exactly know where to go with your art­icles? Then become a blog­ger for the European Stu­dent Think Tank. Cur­rently, the EST is look­ing for young aca­dem­ics that are enthu­si­astic to con­trib­ute to our Think Tank by means of writ­ing down their thoughts about the European Union.

You can decide for your­self whether you want to write once a week, once every two weeks or on a freel­ance basis, as well as your topic, as long as it is related to the European Union. If you are inter­ested in becom­ing a blog­ger, please send an email to in which you intro­duce your­self, together with a blog or art­icle that you would like to see published on the web­site of the EST. They will con­tact you within two weeks to tell you whether you can become part of our team.

Submit a paper

Have you recently writ­ten a paper on a  topic related to EU policy and would you like to see it pub­lished? The EST has an open sub­mis­sion policy, mean­ing you can always send in your paper for con­sid­er­a­tion. If it is deemed to be of value to the aca­demic and policy com­munity by our Edit­or­ial Team and the gram­mar and style are of a suf­fi­cient level, they are happy to pub­lish your work. Take into account that the EST will not make any changes to your ori­ginal text. All papers will be pub­lished in their ori­ginal form. Every pub­lished paper will be avail­able online and can be men­tioned as a pub­lic­a­tion on your CV.

If you would like to sub­mit a paper, please send a PDF copy to

Participate in an event

The EST and its part­ners organ­ize events to inform stu­dents about and involve them in EU policy. These events range from more tra­di­tional lec­tures and panel dis­cus­sions that are open to the pub­lic to select­ive policy-generating activ­it­ies such as strategy groups and con­fer­ences. Some of these the EST organ­izes inde­pend­ently, and oth­ers in col­lab­or­a­tion with part­ners and like-minded organ­iz­a­tions. Besides, the EST act­ively par­ti­cip­ates in net­work­ing events of other organ­iz­a­tions with a European focus. Sign up for the news­let­ter to stay up-to-date about the events they are organ­iz­ing and events where you can meet EST representatives.

Check the official web-site.

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