Grasping Your Career with Your Own Hands

Article by: Ana Alibegova and Stefan Alievikj

“Why not me?” is a documentary movie in production of Mladiinfo, presenting the stories of six talented Macedonians up to the age of 30, who have successfully obtained their professional careers in their home country.

The documentary, as part of the project “Wake up, Build up, Speak up”, illustrates the stories of Arton Lena from Eurohaus,  Damjan Dano from IWM Network, Ilina Nesik from Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN),  Nenad Antonievik from Denesa Tobaco  and Ilir Sаbriu and Altrim Asani from Unixi Group. Each of the stories is inspiring and igniting. With the single aim to “wake up” the young people in Macedonia by sharing particularly Macedonian success stories, each young person in the documentary shares a piece of wisdom; an advise that youth should take destiny in their own hands, to take an individual action for their personal and professional development.

Arton Lena left for the charming Vienna at the age of 18. Ten years later, he is an owner of a brokerage firm, a university lecturer, an NGO activist, a prospective writer, and a practitioner of transcendental meditation, working in Skopje, Tirana, and Vienna.  How does he manage all that?

The young people are sharing their own experiences of how they made their way up the ladder. The 25-year old Damjan Dano from the digital holding agency IWM Network decided to change USA for Macedonia. What looked shocking at the first sight, seemed to be the right choice: not only he got employed, he became a successful employer of talented youth!

Ilina graduated EU studies in the amazing France, lived and worked in the wonderful Berlin, but came back in Skopje. Did she manage to find a job in Macedonia or is she one from the ca. 50 percent unemployed youth?

Nenad Antonievik from Denesa Tobako faced the “to be or not to be” dilemma: to work for somebody else and have strictly defined work hours or to initiate own business and enjoy more freedom. Flexi-time job also means few more hours for his passion: riding motorbikes!

Similar calculations apply in this case as well. Can 5 minutes be equal to 5 hours?! That is what happens when you do not really like what you do! The young Ilir Sabriu (24) who was born and raised in Norway and his friend Altrim Asani (25) from Tetovo, Macedonia chose to enjoy every second of their free time and created Unixi Group for web and software solution.

The realization of these inspiring stories was supported through the Small Grants Program of the U.S. Embassy in Macedonia. This is the first documentary movie produced by Mladiinfo Macedonia, an initiative that continually nurtures a platform where youth all over Macedonia and the region, Europe and beyond can find opportunities for free educational and professional development.

What is your opinion on this issue? How to motivate youth to use the maximum of their talent and knowledge? Do not hesitate to post your comment below.

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