Summer Course on Green Industry in Budapest, Hungary

Deadline: 14 February 2014
Open to: Ph.D students, young leaders, and NGO’s members familiar with environmental management, green industry and resource efficiency
Venue: 30 June – 11 July 2014, Budapest, Hungary


Following the successful experiences in 2012 and 2013, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Institute for Capacity Development is issuing a new summer course on “Green Industry: Pathways Towards the Industry of the Future” in 2014. The programme consists of two separate courses: a four-week online part and a two-week in-residence part, being organized together with the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary. Participation in Module 1 (on-line self-learning module) and in the on-line discussions will be a precondition for attending in-residence Module 2.

The Green Industry summer course provides participants with the opportunity to put the concept of “Green Industry” into practice and help improve industry’s environmental performance.

Participants will:

  • reflect on the technical requirements of green industrial development as well as on the strategies, policies, laws and regulations necessary for its successful implementation;
  • examine institutional platforms for the promotion and dissemination of resource efficient and cleaner production methods and economically viable, socially equitable and environmentally sustainable technologies;
  • develop strategies for a Green Industry in line with socio-economic and environmental goals and targets.


The target audience includes:

  1. Ph.D students focused on technical and/or policy aspects of green industry (undergraduates without a university degree will not be considered);
  2. Emerging, second-in-line young leaders in the public or private sector responsible for managing policy or operations related to Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP);
  3. Members of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), involved in environmental advocacy and staff from industry, support institutions responsible for giving advice/counsel to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) on RECP methodologies, environmental management systems (EMS), low carbon measures, eco-design, etc.

Please note that no present or former UNIDO staff, consultants or interns and no alumni of other UNIDO Institute trainings are eligible to apply.

Participants will be expected to arrive with an understanding of global and national framework conditions for green industrial development. They will also be expected to be familiar with core concepts of environmental management, green industry and resource efficiency through advanced studies, reading, research and/or practice. High level of fluency in written and spoken English will be a requirement.


The programme costs include a 550 euros tutition fee (“Early Bird” fee: 500 euros), accommodation in CEU Residence Centre (in a single room: 28 EUR per night, including breakfast or in a double room: 17 euros per night, including breakfast), whereas the living costs are estimated between 150 and 200 euros. However, UNIDO offers full and partial funding for selected participants in the following categories: tuition waiver, accommodation grant, travel grant (full or partial) and/or stipend (250 euros).

All applicants are eligible to apply for financial aid except applicants who attended two CEU summer university courses within a four-year period.

More information about the available fundings can be found HERE.


Below is the list of the documents you need to prepare or arrange for submission:

  1. Completed online SUN Application Form;
  2. A full curriculum vitae or resume, including a list of publications, if any;
  3. Statement of Purpose.

Optionally, a copy of an English language proficiency certificate could be submitted.

All application materials must be submitted electronically with the online application form. CEU does not accept application documents by e-mail or fax.

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