Karsh International Scholarships, Duke University

Deadline: 1 March 2014
Open to: international undergraduate applicants to Duke who have demonstrated need
Scholarship:  tuition, room and board, mandatory fees, and demonstrated need that exceeds those costs, up to $7000 of funding for research


The Karsh Inernational Scholarship was created to bring together top students from all over the world. Their current cohort of Karsh International Scholars includes students from Ukraine, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Romania, Ecuador, Spain, Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, New Zealand, and Nepal. Their academic ambitions and fields of study at Duke University are as various as their homelands. Karsh scholars literally embody the ideas of “global citizenship” and boundary-crossing.

Karsh International Scholars are selected from the pool of international applicants to Duke who are qualified for financial aid. That pool of applicants is growing every year, thanks in large part to the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Karsh, whose commitment to the marvels of a Duke education and to supporting students from all reaches of the globe is beyond compare.


International undergraduate applicants to Duke who have demonstrated need will be considered for the Karsh Scholarship. The faculty director of the program and OUSF-affiliated colleagues will select a pool of finalists based on their academic and leadership potential in their chosen field. Finalists will be interviewed by Skype (or phone) in late March, and recipients of the award will be notified shortly thereafter.


Karsh International Scholarships cover tuition, room and board, mandatory fees, and demonstrated need that exceeds those costs. In addition the scholarship covers up to $7000 of funding for research/service opportunities during the three summers prior to graduation. Karsh Scholars may also apply for support for necessities, such as computers.


CSS Profile must be submitted online by 1 March 2014. Supporting documentation must be submitted directly to the Duke Financial Aid Office. Details about the application process find HERE.

Contact: ousf@duke.edu

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