World Trade Organization Internship Program

Deadline: rolling
Open to: candidates with a BA in relevant disciplines from one of the 159 WTO Members (LISTED HERE)
Remuneration: daily allowance of CHF 60 (including week-ends and official holidays falling within the selected period); interns in the WTO Accessions Internship Programme will also receive paid travel to and from Geneva


The WTO Secretariat maintains a limited internship programme for post-graduate university students wishing to gain practical experience and deeper knowledge of the multilateral trading system. Only a limited number of such internship posts is available.

As part of the internship programme, they also offer the WTO Accessions Internship Programme, sponsored by the Government of China, within the framework of the MOU on the “China’s LDCs and Accessions Programme” established in July 2011. Four internship positions are available on an annual basis under this Programme.

Interested candidates should follow the procedures and conform to the eligibility criteria set out below.

Assignments given to interns are intended to enhance interns’ knowledge and understanding of the WTO and of trade policy more generally. However, the needs of the Division recruiting an intern will be paramount in determining the precise nature of assignments.

Internships are generally of a duration of up to 24 weeks, the length of the internship depending on the project the interns is requested to work on, and on the needs of each Division. The granting of an internship does not entail in any way the right to an extension thereof nor to a vacancy in another part of the Secretariat. Interns may nevertheless apply to external vacancies. Internships can start at any time during the year.

An internship can be terminated by the WTO Secretariat or by the intern with one week’s notice.

The Director responsible for an intern will write an evaluation report at the end of the internship, and the intern will also be required to evaluate the internship. Both evaluations will be placed on file.

An agreement will be established between the intern and the Director of the Human Resources Division, specifying the conditions of service and details of any remuneration.

Interns are treated like secretariat staff members during their stay insofar as their obligations, in particular with regard to confidentiality.


Interns are recruited from among nationals of the 159 WTO Members (LISTED HERE) and countries and customs territories engaged in accession negotiations.

Interns will have completed their undergraduate studies in a relevant discipline (e.g. economics, law, political science, international relations), and shall have completed at least one year of their postgraduate studies.

The minimum age for an intern shall be 21 years and the maximum age 30 years.

A roster of suitable candidates is maintained from which interns are selected. In addition to the regular internship programme, the need may also arise to recruit interns at short notice for particular tasks. These recruits will also be drawn from the roster. Names will not be maintained on the roster for longer than one year.


Paid interns receive a daily allowance of CHF 60 (including week-ends and official holidays falling within the selected period). No other remuneration of any kind shall be paid.

Internships take place in Geneva, Switzerland only. Travel expenses to and from Geneva cannot be paid by the WTO, and such travel is not covered by the Organization’s insurance. Interns are also responsible for their own insurance cover for illness and accidents while they are working at the WTO.

Travel expenses (economy class air fare) to and from Geneva are covered by the WTO only for those interns who are part of the WTO Accessions Internship Programme.

The WTO may also employ unpaid interns funded from external sources.


Intake to the programme is on a continuing basis, with no specific recruitment period. There is no opening or closing date for applications.

Applicants may register using the online system AVAILABLE HERE.

Direct your questions to For further details, please see the official call for applications HERE.

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