Festival of Non Professional Documentary Film – Camera 300

Deadline: 15 October 2013
Open to: non professional filmmakers all over the world
Prize: Grand Prix “Milton Manaki”, Gold, Silver and Bronze plaque, Best Camera, Best Film Editor, Best Reportage, UNICA Plaque


Nowadays, art in its all forms surpasses borders which limit man’s living and creation in time and space. Film and film presentation are these ambassadors with which the city of Bitola and the Republic of Macedonia travel throughout the world. The Manaki brothers (Janaki and Milton) with their Camera 300 showed us pictures from the way of life in Bitola and the Balkans on a 35 mm film so that the today’s film makers can tell us their stories behind their cameras and create their visions through motion pictures. Film as an art, presents Bitola  as a film city of two international festivals: The Manaki Brothers’ Film Festival – a world director’s film festival and the festival of non-professional documentary film category FADF  Camera 300.

The 21st International Festival of Non Professional Documentary Film – Camera 300 will be held in Bitola from 29 October – 2 November 2013. Camera 300 is being organized by the Cinema union of Macedonia, Video Club “Studio Milton Manaki” and Public Technics – Bitola.


The Contest is open to non professional filmmakers coming from all over the world.


Grand Prix “Milton Manaki”
Gold, Silver and Bronze plaque
Best Camera
Best Film Editor
Best Reportage
UNICA Plaque


There is no entry fee required. Online entry forms are available HERE. One entry form is required for each work submitted. Submission deadline is 15 October 2013. Films submitted for selection must be presented on DVD and must reach Camera 300 office by 25 October 2013.

After filling in and submitting the entry form online, it is necessary to send its printed and signed version together with the preview DVD of the film and with other required materials on a CD or DVD to Camera 300 office. Unsigned entry forms will not be accepted.

Films with dialogues or narration other than English must have English subtitles. The submitted works must be in the final edited version. Works in progress will not be considered. Preview DVDs will not be returned, but will be included in Camera 300 library. Festival keeps the right to use the films and consult them at leisure, for strictly noncommercial, educational purposes.

Please send the films to the following address:

Camera 300 Office
Narodna Tehnika
Partizanska bb Bitola, 7000
R. Macedonia

For more information please contact the organisers at contact@camera300.mk.

Visit the official website.

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