Attend or Lead a Climate Workshop in Warsaw

Deadline: 10 September 2013
Open to: Young people between 18-35 from all over Europe (and for currently Europe-based applicants)
Venue: 19 – 24 November 2013, Warsaw, Poland


During the 19th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 19) in Warsaw, Poland, The Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) will have a workshop on climate and energy related issues. The workshop will take place from 19 to 24 November 2013.

The workshop shall be part of raising the issue of climate change until the climate conference in Paris 2015. In 2015 the world’s nations want to agree on a new legally binding climate treaty. FYEG wants this treaty to be strong and Europe (especially the EU) has to regain its leadership role in climate policy. Therefore FYEG wants to build up a strong network of climate activists. In this network experience with climate policy and activism should be exchanged, local and national campaigns should be supported and a coherent Europe-wide strategy should be developed.


This call concerns young people between 18-35 from all over Europe and for individuals currently based in Europe interested in:

  • participating in the workshop
  • helping to organize the workshop
  • be part of the official FYEG delegation in the negotiations

1. Participant: To apply as a participant it would be great if you already have some experience in the climate field and also with leadership roles within your own organisation. Participants will be asked to read material before coming to the Workshop, and to schedule a meeting within your own organisation after the COP Workshop, so you can relay your knowledge to other members.

Participants are expected to attend the entire workshop, and if possible come earlier to attend The 9th conference of the youth (COY 9), that will take place one week before the COP starts (7 -10 November) and the COP Coordination Team of FYEG as well as the members of the FYEG YOUNGO Delegation will be present at this conference.

2. Prep-Team: The Prep-Team is responsible for organizing the workshop. The prep-team shall consist of four applicants, one EC member and one member of COP coordination team. Members of the prep-team will be chosen among applicants with regard to geographical and gender balance as well as according to the motivation and experience. The working language will be English.

The prep team will start working right away (after 14 September) and will stop working only after 30 November (when the evaluation has taken place). Please consider this, when you apply!

 The main tasks of the prep-team will be:

  • organise the basic preparation (food plan, finances, etc.)
  • preparing a reader and agenda
  • help with the promotion of the event and finding of speakers
  • taking care of practicalities and program during the workshop
  • preparing a documentation of the workshop

3. Member of the YOUNGO Delegation: YOUNGO is the youth constituency of the UNFCCC and FYEG has a certain contingent of people it can send into this constituency (approximately between 4 and 8, not fixed yet). The members of this delegation will be accredited for the negotiations and will therefore be able to directly participate in them.

Based on existing climate policy of FYEG, the members of the delegation will start preparing the policy basis for the Climate negotiations and present them to the Member Organisations of FYEG. Therefore delegation members are requested to start working immediately after they have been informed about their selection and to participate in the COY to discuss our policy with other partners within the European Youth Climate Movement (EYCM) and prepare for the negotiations together with them.


FYEG can probably reimburse travel costs from Europe up to 70 % with an absolute ceiling between 100 and 250 Euros depending on which region in Europe you come from. Participants will be hosted in a hostel in the center of Warsaw, meals are going to be provided.


Register and login at the Green YeapsY and navigate to Events -> “Climate Summit COP19 Workshop” and click to see the extended information. Click on “apply to this event”. Fill in the application form, information for the event and then submit it. If you want to apply for the Prep-Team or the YOUNGO Delegation, please fill the appropriate parts in the application form. Deadline is 10 September 2013.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please contact Freia from the CoCoTea: or the office at

For more information please visit the official website HERE.

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