Regional Youth Peace Camp Kosovo 2013

Deadline: 28 August 2013
Open to: young people aged 18-26 from Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia
Venue: 13 to 20 September in Kosovo


For 9 years now the Council of Europe’s Youth Peace Camps have enabled young people and youth organizations from conflict-stricken regions to engage in dialogue and conflict transformation activities through human rights education and intercultural learning and to gain positive experiences of living and learning with others. They invite young people to join the Regional Youth Peace Camp Kosovo 2013 which will take place from 13 to 20 September in Kosovo. The main objectives of the event are:

  • To develop the conceptual and practical meanings of conflict, peace, and conflict transformation;
  • To share among participants their personal experiences of conflict and violence and their coping strategies, identifying commonalities and specificities between them;
  • To develop the competences of participants in conflict transformation and intercultural learning, including a critical understanding of the personal and collective identities and their role in armed conflicts;
  • To learn about human rights and human rights education as frameworks for conflict transformation and dialogue;
  • To learn from existing practices and experiences of people within the youth field working on dialogue and conflict transformation;
  • To motivate and support participants in their role as multipliers and peer leaders in peace-building activities with young people from their organizations and communities.


Young people aged 18-26 from Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia who are:

  • able to work in English
  • available and fully committed to take part in the Regional Youth Peace Camp project
  • involved in youth or community projects in their community and be motivated to implement youth initiatives for peace-building following the residential meeting
  • preferably involved in an organization or network, institution, formal and/or informal group that is ready to support them throughout the project duration and afterwards when implementing youth initiatives for peace building


Travel costs for participants living outside of Kosovo will be reimbursed. Board and lodging of the seminar will be provided in venue outside the city of Pristina with the support of the EU Special Representative/EU office in Kosovo .


Applicants should register to the website given HERE and fill in the on-line application form no later than 28 August 2013 10:00 am. 

For further information please read the official call or visit the official website.

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