Leadership Training for Youth from Macedonia

Deadline: 7 August 2013
Open to: young people from Macedonia aged 16-28 with good command of English
Venue:  16-18 August 2013 in Mavrovo, Macedonia


Lucca Leadership Macedonia (LLM) is a non-profit organization licensed to provide training programmes to youth aged 16-35 on Transformational Leadership. They are part of a network of organizations located worldwide in the UK, Netherlands, Australia, South Africa and North America, and have experience in organizing and delivering both local and international leadership training programmes, in Macedonia and abroad.

“Leaders on the way” is an intensive weekend program which gives participants a hands-on experience with transformational leadership, through a balanced mixture of theory, practise, reflection and dialogue. The training programme will take place from 16 to 18 August 2013 in Mavrovo, Macedonia.

LLM is passionate about positive change, and strongly believes in the leadership potential of all young people, regardless of their ethnic, cultural, religious and professional background. The programs are designed to include, not exclude, and to support and guide every young person as they develop the confidence and ability to lead effective transformation in their communities.

The program is specifically tailored to help participants gain insight on how they function as leaders, and how this impacts their views and interactions with others. Every participant will have the chance to be in a leader’s position, and put into practice what he or she has learned, thus understand how they operate as  leaders, and how they can tap more fully into the whole range of capabilities they innately posses.

The Course Director of the programme is John Ansell from the United Kingdom, who has been involved for several years with The Change Leadership Foundation – a successor to Lucca Leadership UK founded in 2002. He has extensive experience in working with people of diverse backgrounds from different parts of the world, as a leadership coach and facilitator on many different leadership programmes taking place in the UK and other countries.

He will be assisted throughout the training by a team of experienced coaches and facilitators from Lucca Leadership Macedonia, who have completed their coach and facilitator accreditations in different parts of the world, like the UK, Italy and Netherlands. They have experience in delivering leadership training programmes in Macedonia and abroad, as well as university workshops in Macedonia and the UK.

Lucca Leadership Macedonia’s mission is to help develop the next generation of young leaders who will be able to tackle the most pressing issues in their communities and societies, and transform them using a holistic approach, bringing results that are sustainable and benefit all instead of just particular groups.

LLM works with Transformational Leadership because of its inside-out approach, which integrates the being and doing parts of leadership. This approach helps develop and access the inner resources of the leader, facilitating them to become aware of what is going on within them, their thoughts, their feelings, their actions. The doing part of leadership is where the leader meets the needs they face, using their skills, understanding and practice.


There is a modest participation fee of 1200 MKD (20€) for the programme, covering transport from Skopje to the venue and back, as well as all meals and accommodation.


Young people from Macedonia, of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, aged 16-28, with good command of English are invited to apply for the training. Applicants from other countries will also be considered, provided they can take care of their own travel costs to Skopje.

Important: The working language throughout the training programme will be English. Participants will be required to have a sufficient level of spoken English language.


All interested applicants should submit the Application Form AVAILABLE HERE to blerta.haxhijaha@luccaleadership.org  , saving the application form as ‘yourname’.doc (eg: John_Smith.doc). The application deadline is 7 August 2013.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact blerta.haxhijaha@luccaleadership.org or send your questions to dimitar.dimitrovski@luccaleadership.org.

For more information, please see the official call for applications HERE.

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