Cross-border Contest for Greek & Macedonian Photographers

Deadline: 4 September 2013
Open to: every individual who is resident in Greece and Macedonia
Prize: non-specified prize for winners and inclusion in 2 photo exhibits for finalists. Last year’s prizes included original works of art by professional artists and photographers.


The Joint Technical Secretariat of the IPA Cross-border Programme “Greece- Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013,” under the auspices of the Managing Authority of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes and the National Authority, is organizing a Photography Contest and Travelling Exhibition entitled “We belong Here: Life, people and nature in the cross-border area”.

The initiative is organized for a second consecutive year on the occasion of European Cooperation Day, which will be celebrated this year on late September 2013 through many local events across Europe.

Photographs must reflect the theme of the Contest: “We belong Here: Life, people and nature in the cross-border area” and shall fall under any of the following six categories: Economic development, Human Resources, Sustainable tourism, Protection of human life, Environment Natural and cultural heritage.

Images may include natural beauty, architectural points of interest, people enjoying the landscape, economic life etc. and must be taken in the cross-border area. The cross-border area consists of; Greece: Regional entities of Florina, Pella, Kilkis, Serres and Thessaloniki. Macedonia: Regions of Pelagonia, Vardar, Southeast and Southwest.


The best three (3) photos will be awarded a prize and seventy (70) highest-ranking photos will be displayed firstly in Edessa, Greece (20th -26th September 2013) and afterwards in Ohrid, Macedonia. Last year’s prizes included original works of art by professional artists and photographers.


Participation is open to every individual who is resident in any of the two participating countries in the Programme (Greece and Macedonia).


A signed entry form AVAILABLE HERE must be submitted with every entry. The photos and the entry form may be sent by Wednesday, 4 September 2013, via email to

Contestants may submit up to five (5) images. Contestants that took part in last year’s Photo Contest can re-submit photos that were not selected for exhibiting.

The photos must follow technical format requirements; .jpg/.gif format Resolution 300 dpi (minimum) The size of each photo must be smaller or equal to 8MB (if sent by email). The selected photos will be exhibited in size A3, 29.7×42 cm.

Entries must be the original work of the photographer. Although entries can be digitally altered, they must not include images taken by another photographer (i.e. images copied or purchased from the internet). The submitted contest photographs cannot be significantly retouched: nothing in the photographs (people, animals, scenery, objects, etc.) may be altered, removed, augmented or rearranged. Cropping is permitted, as is modest darkening or lightening of parts of the image.

Selection process

The Selection Committee will select seventy (70) photographs to be exhibited in Edessa and Ohrid. From these 70 photographs, three (3) will be selected as the final winners.

Photos will be judged by a qualified panel of experts on the basis of the following; Compliance to any of the six categories/themes of the Contest Quality of the photograph – technical excellence Visual appeal and ability to evoke emotional responses Originality Emphasis on cross-border character

More information will be gradually uploaded under the News section of the website HERE. Questions and inquiries about “We Belong Here” Contest rules can be emailed to

Anyone interested can browse last year’s exhibited photographs in the framework of “Waters and Mountains in the Cross-Border area” Photo Contest 2012, available HERE More information is available on the Terms and Conditions HERE and the official website HERE.

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