Eastern Partnership Countries Call for Street Photography

Deadline: 5 August  2013
Open to: both professional photographers and amateurs coming especially from Eastern Europe (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine)
Benefits: selected candidates will have their works exhibited in Poland plus a special catalogue with information on the presented works’ authors will be published


Culture for the Eastern Partnership invites professional photographers and amateurs to take part in the exhibition of street photography which will be held within the Integrations−Mediations festival in Lublin, Poland in October 1−30, 2013. It will be the first presentation of street photography by a great number of artists from the Eastern Partnership countries with special reference to Eastern Europe and such countries as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine.  Their intention is to present a group portrait of people in public spaces of Eastern European cities.

The questions posed are: What kind of changes do they experience and what kind of interactions do they participate in? How does an individual shape her/his environment and how does it influence her/his life? What is hidden under the surface of dailiness? The formula of street photography fits ideally to this subject matter, but it is not understood in a narrow, conventional way: the exhibition may feature also broadly defined documentary photography insofar as separate shots but not photo series are presented.


The selected photos will be professionally prepared for display and presented in the newly open building of the Center for Culture in Lublin. A special catalogue with information on the presented works’ authors will be published and a discussion on documenting public spaces will be held.


The call is open for both professional photographers and amateurs of any age.

The image should satisfy the following requirements:

  • no particular parameters of photos except for the resolution enabling A4 or alike format printing
  • should document everyday life and public spaces in a creative way
  • shots should be focused on an individual (even if s/he is not literally present at the picture)
  • should be of high aesthetic, compositional and narrative value
  • should be taken no earlier than 30 years ago

How to apply?

You can apply online by filling in the application form HERE.  In your application, you should provide photo documentation (max. 10 photos, minimal size of photographs: 15 x 20 cm, 72 dpi, long side 1200PX, format JPG, RGB, not more than 1MB for one photo; file name should contain: name and surname of the author, place and year when the photo was taken, i.e.1_NAME_SURNAME_WARSAW_2013)

Deadline for sending applications is 5 August, 2013.

For any questions or concerns which you might have please direct to street@epccongress.eu.

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