World.Report & Italian Award for Photojournalism

Deadline: 28 July 2013
Open to: professional and amateur photographers from all over the world whose work focuses on social and documentary reportages
Prize: 5,000 EUR; 2,000 EUR plus Nikon D600 camera


The Festival of Ethical Photography of Lodi is pleased to present the third edition of the World.Report Award | Italian Award for Photojournalism.

The Festival of Ethical Photography was created and is managed purely on voluntary basis. Its purpose is to bring the general public close to ethically significant contents using photography as communication and knowledge means, and to offer different nuances of the fine relationship between ethics, communication and photography. The Festival has come to the attention of the public thanks to the quality of the exhibitions and the participation of worldwide known photographers present in previous editions. The Festival wants to be at the service of photojournalism, of the kind of photography that tells stories, that makes you think and that, especially in Italy, is more and more difficult to be seen in the media.


The World.Report Award 2013 is divided in two sessions:

  1. Master Award: This session is open to all photographers, with no restriction of any kind. The prize will be of 5,000 Euros.
  2. Spot Light Award: This session is open to all photographers who did not receive one of the following awards before the 1 April 2013: World Press Photo, W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography, Pulitzer Prize and POYi Picture of the Year, with exception for the multimedia category. The prize will be of 2,000 Euros and a Nikon D600 (body only). The photographers, who apply to this session, can also apply to the Master Award session.

The awards are intended to sustain photographers who care about this kind of photography that brings to the attention of the public stories related to men and that often are not paid properly. Both the awarded works will take part to the Festival of Ethical Photography in Lodi (Italy) with two exhibitions.


The award is open to both professional and amateur photographers from all over the world whose work focuses on social and documentary reportages. The award will give attention to works focusing on people and their social and cultural stories; public or private, minor or crucial, big human tragedies or petty daily stories, changes and immutability. The story the photographer will be able to tell through compelling images that entail the definition of ‘social reportage’ will be the core of the jury’s key to interpretation.


The submission must happen before 23:59 CET 28 July 2013. The awarded photographers will make sure to give, within the 18th of September 2013, the images in high resolution that will enable the jury to make a print of 40×60 cm to make the exhibition.

Applicants must apply as individuals — collaborations are not permitted. To submit the reportage the official application form AVAILABLE HERE must be used. A total of 10 Euros per project must be paid through PayPal or credit card. This payment must be done as a contribution to the activities of the Festival. Submission is considered valid only after receiving payment proof via e-mail.

Reportages must consist of min 15 and max 30 images, in colour or black&white, and will have to form a focused and meaningful story. The assessment of the jury will award the ability of the photographer to build a narrative and emotional story with a compelling series of images. Post-production is allowed as long as nothing is added or removed to and from the original RAW file. Image cropping is allowed. Any other kind of manipulation of the images will not be accepted.

All the files needed to submit a project must be sent in a unique compressed archive in .zip, .rar or .7z format with maximum dimension of 25MB. Heavier archives or archives in a different format will not be taken into consideration. The archive will have to include:

  • The images in digital format saved as .jpg with sized to shortest dimension at no more than 1080 pixels and 72dpi.Please note; the image files must be named with the title of the project and a consecutive two digit number. (e.g.amazon_01, amazon_02…).
  • A text file in .doc, .rtf, or .pdf file that includes captions with a maximum of 150 characters for each picture. The captions must be numbered in the same order as the pictures. A thumbnail of the picture is required.
  • A second text file in .doc, .rtf or .pdf that will include the presentation of the project with a maximum length of 3,000 characters, the title of the project, the place and the period of time in which the project was made. Also to be included are the indications on how to read the project. The text can be in Italian, English or French.

For any questions about this award, please write to For more details, please carefully read the call for applications HERE and see the official website HERE.

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