EKOenergy Climate Fund for European NGOs

Deadline: 15 September, 2013
Open to: Preferably to European organizations or organizations with active communication (and network) in Europe, having experience with energy projects in developing countries
Grants: vary


EKOenergy is a recently launched network of European NGOs willing to promote the use of renewable electricity. The network manages the EKOenergy label. For each MWh of electricity sold as EKOenergy, 10 cents go to the EKOenergy Climate Fund.
The aim of the money of the EKOenergy Climate Fund is to finance renewable electricity projects in developing countries and we are currently suitable projects to be financed between the autumn of 2013 and the autumn of 2014 are wanted.


The call is preferably opened for European organizations or organizations with active communication (and network) in Europe. It’s also preferable that the organization is having a 5 years of experience with energy projects in developing countries.

How to submit a proposal?

To submit a project proposal, please e-mail the following information to info@ekoenergy.org:

1.    About yourself

The following elements are important:

  • Location: preferably a European organization or an organization with active communication (and network) in Europe.
  • Communication: preferably an organization with a good website in several languages (and at least in English)
  • Experience: preferably having 5 years of experience with energy projects in developing countries
  • Preferably experience with projects that are being co-financed by the EU or by national authorities (accredited NGO or demonstrable experience)
  • Having a transparent and audited bookkeeping
  • Preferably having experience with fundraising
  • Preferably offering opportunities for a long time collaboration with EKOenergy

2.    About the project(s) 

What renewable electricity projects would your organization be able to set up with 10.000, 50.000, 100.000, 200.000 euro?  What is the installed capacity for each of these amounts, and what will be the yearly production.
Please briefly refer to the following aspects:

  • Relevance of the project to Millennium Development Goals
  • Ownership of the project and impact on local community
  • Project long term sustainability and proposed auditing process
  • Environmental integration and environmental sustainability of project
  • Innovative technical, social and economic aspects of project
  • How will the project be followed up after the installation?

If possible, illustrate with concrete examples of earlier or similar projects.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Experience, solvency and reliability of the organization (20%)
  • Quality and efficiency of the project (20%): effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, impact and visibility, ownership, gender
  • Long term viability, sustainability and replicability of the project (20%)
  • Contacts with local stakeholders, solid local counterpart (20%)
  • Complementary goals with EKOenergy (20%): Share the goals of the coalition and specialize in promotion of renewable energy.

CONTACT: EKOenergy, info@ekoenergy.org, Steven Vanholme, +358 50 568 73 85, skype: steven.vanholme

Fore more information please visit the official website.

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